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We support customers from industries such as energy, electrical engineering, real estate, and facilities management, as well as specialist EV charging providers, from setting up profitable business cases for reselling to easy infrastructure operations and management. We have over 100 EV charging experts focused on developing the best white label software solutions and services for partners and customers every day.

Four key benefits to scale your business

Meet customer demand with a scalable, ready-to-go charging solution
Secure and grow your market share with our full-service charging software. Offer your customers a plug-and-pay solution for every use case – all in minimal time-to-market.

Rely on us as a strong and experienced partner for success in the EV charging industry
With our extensive experience, flexible pricing models and high-performance software, we can assist you all the way from setting up a scalable business case to realizing an easy and efficient charging solutions for your customers.

Our hardware-agnostic EV charging platform guarantees limitless customer acquisition opportunities
Our solution supports all relevant protocols (OCPP 1.5, 1.6, 2.0) on the market and is compatible with all available charging station models from various hardware manufacturers. This offers your customers the utmost flexibility in their choice of hardware, enables new customer acquisition and facilitates the migration of existing client networks.

Leverage our years of experience in policy and regulatory EV charging challenges across Europe
be.ENERGISED handles all European currencies and tax rates (including Norway and the UK) and is compliant with international tax regulations. It’s also available in multiple languages.

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A full-service, ready-to-go EV charging solution for your success in EV charging business

Are your customers looking for an EV charging solution for charging at home, at work, and on the road? Are you keen to specialize in EV charging and become a full-service provider for your B2B and B2C customers? We can help you set up a future-proof business case and provide a scalable, ready-to-go EV charging solution:

  • easy management of EV charging infrastructure and customers all over Europe
  • automated billing
  • 24/7 support services
  • EV driver app
  • 24/7 EV hotline

Thanks to many years of experience, we provide our Solution Partners with seamless EV charging solutions for any use case, anywhere across Europe.

CP work

EV charging at work

Charging for company fleets, for employees and their private cars, and for visitors (billed to cost centers).

CP Home

EV charging at home

Charging of private and/or company owned cars. Automated invoicing of energy costs between employer and employee.

CP Road

EV charging on the road

EV charging (B2B and B2C) on the road at own charging infrastructure and at hundreds of thousands of third-party charging ports (roaming).

The be.ENERGISED solution partner model

Our scalable EV charging solution features a multi-client capability to support leading companies in a range of industries, including energy, electrical engineering and facilities management.

Scalable, reliable EV charging operations

Get all the functionality you need to manage your EV charging infrastructure and also guarantee your customers maximum charging station uptime and 24/7 support.

Smooth management of multiple subnetworks

Cluster and manage different subnetworks efficiently with the multi-client capability.

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