Command Your Fleet, Control Your Energy Management


Electric Vehicle(EV) Numbers Have Increased 10X in the Last 4 Years


Why Add EVs to Your Fleet?

  • Meet government mandates and regulations
  • Reduce operating expenses with lower fueling and maintenance costs
  • Achieve sustainability goals
  • Establish your organization as a green leader
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Don’t Offer Just EV Charging.
Offer Smart Networked EV Charging.

Our charging stations help make your operations easy to manage.

  • Energy management tools that lower your installation and electricity costs
  • Real-time charging station and vehicle information
  • Easy-to-use mobile app that lets drivers view station availability and locate nearby stations
  • Automatic, over-the-air software updates deliver improvements and new features
  • Data collection and analytics that help you make informed decisions
  • Automated reports on fuel savings, greenhouse gases avoided, energy usage and more
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Maximize Cost Savings with Energy Management

Our advanced energy management tools can lower your total cost of ownership. With smart networked charging stations, you can reduce installation costs and remotely shift charging to times when electricity rates are the cheapest.

Future-Proof Your Fleet and Meet Emerging Regulations


Because EVs run on electricity instead of gas, they promise to lower costs while improving sustainability. Already, fleets are benefiting from reduced fueling costs per mile, less costly vehicle maintenance and tailpipe emissions reductions of up to 100%.

Government, utility and private fleets across the country are adding EVs and EV charging infrastructure in response to government regulations. ChargePoint can help you meet emerging regulations and take advantage of grants, incentives and rebates.

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Fueling Solutions for Every Charging Application

Wherever your fleet vehicles need to charge, ChargePoint can tailor a solution to meet your fueling needs.


Dedicated fleet vehicle charging is provided in the depot parking area.


Mixed Use
Fleet vehicles and employee personal vehicles share access to charging stations.


Home Charging
Drivers can charge fleet vehicles at home and get reimbursed for electricity costs.


On Route Charging
Fleets can easily pay for and use public stations that require payment throughout ChargePoint’s global network.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind with ChargePoint’s World-Class Support and Services

We’ve got you covered with comprehensive support for you, your drivers and charging stations. We offer:

  • 24/7 phone support for drivers
  • Dedicated business hours support for station managers and fleet managers
  • ChargePoint Assure, our industry-leading maintenance program, provides parts and on-site labor, 1 business day response time, proactive station monitoring and more

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