ChargePoint Home 25 (32A) Installation FAQs

For station model numbers CPH25, CPH12

Get answers to your questions about installing and activating ChargePoint Home 25 (32A). Can’t find what you’re looking for? See our ChargePoint Home Resources.

How can I get prepared to install ChargePoint Home 25 (32A)?


Once you know which ChargePoint Home 25 (32A) station you want to install (plug or hardwired), talk to your electrician and send the installation guide to make sure you have the correct outlet and/or circuit.

How much will ChargePoint Home cost to install?


Installation costs vary depending on several factors, including geography, desired charger location, distance from your home's electrical panel, the electrical panel's amperage capacity, and more. Contact your local electrician to get an estimate.

Can I use my dryer outlet?


Most existing high-power plug outlets found in a garage like a dryer outlet won’t work because they typically use a 30 Amp circuit. Home 32A requires a dedicated 40 Amp circuit.

Can I use a 50-amp breaker with Home 25 (32A) station)?



Do you recommend electricians?


Any licensed electrician can install our home chargers, but we don’t recommend specific installers.

Can I buy two Home stations and use them on a single circuit? Can I attach a home charger and dryer on a single circuit?


No. Each ChargePoint Home station requires its own dedicated circuit.

Why is the input power cable on the plug-in version only 12 inches?


This is maximum length allowed under National Electrical Code (NEC).

What is the max amperage of ChargePoint Home 25 (32)?


32 amps. Maximum output power is 7.7 kW at 240 volts.

Can I install ChargePoint Home on a GFCI breaker?


Yes. However, GFCI breakers may be required only for plug-in installations (in accordance with NFPA 70 TIA 17-2, Article 625.54). We do not recommend using a GFCI breaker for hardwired installations because it is not necessary, and ChargePoint Home's built-in GFCI protection may cause the panel's GFCI breaker to experience nuisance tripping in certain circumstances, which could interrupt charging.

What if I don’t know my breaker’s amperage rating?


Contact your electrician to ask about your circuit breaker’s amperage rating. Then, use that breaker rating to select the correct station amperage during the activation flow using the mobile app. Do not randomly select a circuit breaker rating – this could cause your breaker to trip.

How do I activate my charger?


After the station is installed, activation is easy using the ChargePoint app and allows you to take advantage of ChargePoint Home’s smart features.

How do I install ChargePoint Home 12 (16A)?


The 16A version of ChargePoint Home, which has been discontinued, uses a 20A dedicated circuit with a two-pole breaker and a NEMA 6-20 receptacle for the plug-in version. Refer to the installation guide for more information.

How do I purchase a replacement charging cable for my ChargePoint Home 32A?


Replacement charging cables for ChargePoint Home 32A is available for purchase from the ChargePoint Store in the United States and Canada. You may need to purchase a replacement charging cable if your existing cable is damaged and not covered by the limited three-year parts warranty. Consult the ChargePoint Home 32A installation guide and video for how to properly replace the charging cable. When swapping the cable, always make sure the station is powered off by switching off the circuit breaker in your panel, and please consult an electrician if you have any questions.

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