ChargePoint announces the CP6000, a global charging solution ready for the electric future

London, UK, October 5th 2022 – ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CHPT), a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, today announced the launch of the CP6000, ChargePoint’s most flexible and serviceable global AC EV charging solution now available for vehicles of all types and sizes.

CP6000, ChargePoint’s most flexible and serviceable global AC EV charging solution

London, UK, October 5th 2022 – ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CHPT), a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, today announced the launch of the CP6000, ChargePoint’s most flexible and serviceable global AC EV charging solution now available for vehicles of all types and sizes.

Designed for the needs of the European market, the CP6000 is a complete charging solution for businesses and fleets that want to confidently and efficiently prepare for the future of electric mobility. Seamlessly integrating network software, station hardware and customer support, the CP6000 is designed to prepare businesses of all kinds across the globe for the next wave of EV adoption. The CP6000 is designed for scalability, flexibility, reliability, and a best-in-class driver experience, and offers reliable AC charging for 1 or 3 phase power at an adaptable output of 3.7 to 22kw per port.

“ChargePoint’s mission is to make the transition to electric mobility simple. As the result of ChargePoint’s experience shaping the charging industry over the past 15 years, we understand what is critical to station owners and drivers, including effortless charging experiences, scalable design, quality products and excellent service” stated ChargePoint Chief Product Officer, Bill Loewenthal. “EV charging needs are universal, even if what and how we drive varies by geography. The CP6000 has been designed across our R&D facilities in North America and Europe to cater to the charging needs of businesses, fleets and EV drivers. Built on our decade-plus of experience serving EV drivers and all types of organisations, CP6000 has what businesses need to be part of the future of electric mobility.”

Superior driver experience

Whether charging is for employees, customers, visitors or a fleet, the driver is at the centre of it all, which is why the driver is at the centre of the CP6000 design. The top-rated ChargePoint app has over 200,000 active places to charge on its network globally, as well an additional 355,000 public places to charge through roaming integrations with other major networks. ChargePoint driver support is available in multiple languages, ensuring drivers across Europe receive the best experience possible. The addition of the CP6000 to ChargePoint’s network ensures drivers are easily able to find, use and pay for the charge they need, in the language and currency they prefer.

“The new CP6000 series is a great addition to an already strong contingent of reliable, software driven hardware we offer our clients” stated Bruce Galliford, CEO at RAW Charging, one of the first customers to receive the new technology. “When ChargePoint expanded to Europe, we saw a company with the longevity, customer base, engineering prowess and experience to be a fit with our vision. Leaving the technology to ChargePoint, we can focus on deployment. We have more projects coming for Aviva Investors, Greene King, McArthurGlen and other customers. We’re currently planning strategic expansion across Europe working with organisations that have a portfolio of sites across the continent. This year we’ll be putting in four new sites per working day, and when you’re doing that, you want it to work flexibly and at scale.”

Part of ChargePoint's unified software platform

The CP6000 works seamlessly with ChargePoint’s software platform, which offers real-time visibility into revenue, energy costs and driver details, complete control over pricing and driver access, and actionable reporting with over 35 pre-built charts and reports. ChargePoint’s software also includes robust power management tools to automatically reduce energy costs, on-station video messages, and over 40 turnkey API integrations. The CP6000 is also fully compliant with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 2.01, the latest version of the open standard. Together, these features make it easy for customers to manage their charging program, reduce costs, improve utilisation, and prepare for the future.

Built for the future of electrification

ChargePoint believes demand for EV charging is poised for rapid growth. The CP6000 series’ modular design and forward-thinking technology supports flexible configurations and easy upgrades, making it the robust solution for scaling EV charging availability and maximising station value. It can be customised into dozens of configurations for multiple use cases or regions, offering options on sockets, cable management, branding, display, shuttering and more. This modularity allows the CP6000 to more easily support field replacements and service, while also offering advanced sensors for enhanced diagnostics and support. The CP6000 has also been designed to operate on Europe's variety of power grids and regulations. For example, the CP6000 meets the UK government's requirements for contactless payment capabilities for all AC stations of 7.1kW and above. The CP6000 is now available to order across dozens of ChargePoint operating countries. To learn more about deploying the CP6000 across your business, contact your ChargePoint sales representative or distributor.

About ChargePoint

ChargePoint is creating a new fueling network to move people and goods on electricity. Since 2007, ChargePoint has been committed to making it easy for businesses and drivers to go electric with one of the largest EV charging networks and a comprehensive portfolio of charging solutions available today. The ChargePoint cloud-based subscription platform and software-defined charging hardware are designed to include options for every charging scenario from home and multifamily to workplace, parking, hospitality, retail and transport fleets of all types. Today, one ChargePoint account provides access to hundreds of thousands of places to charge in North America and Europe. To date, more than 133 million charging sessions have been delivered, with drivers plugging into the ChargePoint network on average every second. For more information, visit the ChargePoint pressroom, the ChargePoint Investor Relations site, or contact ChargePoint’s North American or European press offices or Investor Relations.

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Communications Manager, Europe

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VP, Capital Markets and Investor Relations