EV charging is a must-have for apartments

Electric vehicle adoption is set to take off this decade

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Attract residents and increase your property value by providing a premium EV charging experience


Attract and retain desirable residents.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is a valuable amenity residents rely on, building loyalty and lasting relationships.


Differentiate your property from competitors.

According to a 2022 survey, 47% of millennials, 41% of Gen Zers and 38% of Gen Xers want to purchase an EV as their next vehicle.


Turn your parking spots into profit centers.

EV drivers are willing to pay more for parking spaces that allow them to charge at home, increasing your revenue and ROI. EV charging also raises property values.


Get an
excellent ROI.

Now is the best time to invest in EV charging. Generous incentives and subscription pricing make it affordable for any business.

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Explore EV charging for apartment properties

See how ChargePoint fits in with multiple parking scenarios, making EV charging easy with purpose-built solutions for residents and guests that are simple to manage.

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EV charging for any scenario

Charging at your property can be easy, convenient and well-managed, no matter your parking configuration.

Personal Charging  CPF50

Assigned charging

If you offer residents dedicated parking spaces with a shared meter, assigned charging is best for your property.

  • Assign charging stations to residents.
  • Set up property owner or driver to pay for charging.
  • Allow property owner to handle installation and maintenance.
  • Find out why your residents will need charging.
Community Charging  CPF50

Community charging

If your residents park in a different spot every day, community charging is best for your property.

  • Provide shared stations to residents.
  • Enable drivers to easily check station availability or "get in line" to charge.
  • Allow property owner to handle installation and maintenance.
  • Find out more about CPF50.
Community Charging CT4K

Mixed-use charging

If you offer resident and public charging, a mixed-use solution is best.

  • Share charging between the public and residents.
  • Set up charging for any use case or access level.
  • Leverage Level 2 AC and DC fast charging.
  • Find out more about CT4000.
Easy Software icon

Easy software management

ChargePoint makes it simple to offer your residents EV charging and let your team focus on what they do best.

  • Connect with turnkey building management systems.
  • Leverage proactive monitoring and full vehicle interoperability.
  • Automatically manage and redistribute energy load across stations.
  • Collect data to better understand resident charging experience.
  • Find out more about our software.

“EV charging is as required as having a gym. It’s beyond an amenity, it’s beyond a  nice-to-have.”

Phil Carmody

Head of ESG and corporate programs, GID

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EV owner charging at apartment parking spot

Meet your occupancy goals and attract the residents you want

With our top-rated app, ChargePoint is a leading brand your EV drivers already know and trust

  • Differentiate your property from competitors by enabling residents to charge where they live.
  • Improve your property’s sustainability image and meet your ESG goals with powerful, easy-to-use reporting features.
  • Comply with emerging building codes and standards.
EV charger stations outside an apartment building

Meet today’s charging needs and plan for tomorrow’s

EV sales in North America are predicted to reach 40% by 2030 and over 60% by 2035, according to BloombergNEF.

  • Over 80% of charging takes place at home or at work. People will choose where they live based on where they can fuel their EV.
  • 27% of residents are interested in EV charging stations, according to a recent NMHC survey.
  • Generate revenue with parking spots EV driving-residents will happily pay more for.
Example view of ChargePoint software

Actionable metrics make management and driver experience easy for you

  • Easily understand each resident's energy utilization and automatically get paid for the energy used to charge, by resident.
  • Track utilization using the ChargePoint Cloud Dashboard, so you know how and when to scale your solution to meet residents’ EV charging needs.
  • Leverage 35+ charts and reports to better understand station usage, GHG emissions saved and more.
  • Enable your residents to reliably get to their destinations with advanced diagnostics on station health that helps deliver 98% uptime.
EV charger incentives can help save money

Incentives make charging possible for every property

Federal and provincial Clean Fuel Regulations across Canada allow property owners to earn valuable EV charging credits that can be turned into revenue and finance the buildout of EV charging infrastructure across Canada.

  • Reduce time to ROI by taking advantage of the billions of dollars in incentives currently available for EV charging in North America.
  • Choosing networked EV charging stations from ChargePoint ensures you’ll be eligible for most federal, provincial and territory incentives.
  • Make sure you're getting all the incentives you should; with 15+ years in the industry, our experts ensure you get every dollar you’re entitled to.

Four easy steps to get started

Installing EV charging at your apartment community doesn’t have to be difficult. Set yourself up for success by following these simple steps:


Assess your community’s need for EV charging.

  • Discover why communities like yours are choosing to install EV charging.
  • Use this survey to collect data from your residents.

Speak to your electrical contractor.

  • Reach out to your preferred electrician or contact sales@chargepoint.com
    for a list of ChargePoint partners in your area.
  • Talk to your electrician about service and panel upgrades, dedicated EV service and leaving room for expansion.

Find out what incentives are available.

  • Compile the information from the surveys, including the reasons for installing EV charging and any info from your contractor to assess current and future demand.
  • Combine those details with this list of incentives available in your area to determine potential savings.

Reach out to ChargePoint to get started.

Your partner for every step to electrification

Talk to an EV charging expert who can help you evaluate your EV charging needs and match you with the right solution.


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