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Connect with drivers from the assembly line to the road


Create a smooth EV experience.

Eliminate drivers’ range anxiety by integrating the top-rated charging app into your mobile or in-dash experience.


Build brand

Deliver a comprehensive EV purchase experience by including ChargePoint Home Flex, keeping drivers coming back for their next EV.


Ensure reliable

Future-proof your EV line with comprehensive interoperability testing across the latest charging technologies.


Set your retailers up for EV success.

Ensure your partners have the charging infrastructure that meets your requirements to sell more EVs.

App Screen

Help drivers charge wherever they go with the Driver Experience Network

The ChargePoint Driver Experience Network makes it easy to integrate complete EV charging capabilities into your mobile app or in-vehicle experience. Help your customers find places to charge; start charging from the vehicle, phone or smartwatch pay for charging; and more.

  • Ensure a successful shift to electric with a superior charging experience.
  • Accelerate your time to market by using ChargePoint APIs and SDKs.
  • Leverage established roaming partnerships with top networks.
  • Integrate with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Apple Watch or Google OS.
  • Give drivers access to 24/7 support.
CP Home

Deliver the most convenient home EV charging experience

Most EV charging happens at home. Make the switch to electric as easy as possible for your customers with convenient home charging solutions for single-family homes, apartments and condos. Installation guidance and driver support are included.

  • Ensure your customers can charge, no matter where they live.
  • Bundle a home charger with each EV purchase, and refer homeowners to experienced EV charger installers.
  • Connect customers to multifamily charging solutions that include installation and support.
  • Leave the support to ChargePoint, around the clock (and in multiple languages).

“We looked at various EV charging solutions, and based on the reviews and customer experiences, we chose ChargePoint. Such a great company to work with, and now we are ready for the future.”

Timothy Ferreira
General Manager, Gary Rome Hyundai
CP Home

Power take-home fleets with ease

Organizations want to transition their fleet vehicles to electric. You provide the vehicles, we provide the charging — with the only complete solution that includes a home charger and installation, automated business charging reimbursement and 24/7 support for EV drivers.

  • Ensure that your customers' fleet EVs can be charged at home with ease.
  • Make take-home charging easy for customers by letting ChargePoint manage installation, setup, reimbursement and support.
  • Empower fleet customers to supplement home charging with on-route charging through the ChargePoint app.
Automaker Genesis

Add charging at your dealerships

Every leading automaker is going electric — starting at the dealership. Empower your dealers to sell more EVs with our comprehensive dealership charging solutions and support.

  • Sell more vehicles.
  • Optimize operations from showroom to service bay.
  • Scale as your business grows.
  • Create a branded experience for your customers.
  • Offer charging to current and prospective EV drivers.
  • Keep showroom vehicles charged “behind the fence.”
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Work place charging

Demonstrate your industry leadership with workplace charging

Your employees deserve to drive your amazing EVs. Make it easier for them with our workplace charging solutions that make installation and management easy, control costs and maximize utilization with smart software features.

  • Differentiate your workplace to top talent, show you’re committed to sustainability and make your benefits package more appealing.
  • Improve the employee experience with convenient and reliable charging that easily scales across office locations.
  • Become a sustainability leader, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to reach your companywide sustainability goals.
  • Showcase your environmental impact with more than 35 prebuilt reports that help make sustainability reporting easy.
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EXP Testing

Develop your vehicle interoperability testing program

Rigorous vehicle interoperability testing accelerates your time to market and validates vehicle performance before release. Guarantee that your vehicles live up to your brand promise and ensure a seamless charging experience for drivers choosing your EV models.

  • Ensure safety, performance and reliability across DC fast, AC public and home charging.
  • Test a variety of vehicle classes at all stages of the vehicle development process to prevent customer problems.
  • Future-proof your vehicles by testing with the latest charging technology.
  • Cover various charging scenarios, including interrupted charging and load shedding.
  • Go beyond public charging tests — access detailed testing logs, customize test plans to meet your needs and collaborate to fix issues.
  • Validate SAE J3400 (NACS), SAE J1772, IEC 61851, DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 interoperability compliance.

Your partner for every step to electrification

ChargePoint is the only charging provider that's technologically neutral, tested and proven with every vehicle.


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