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CPF50 single pedestal

Single pedestal

CPF50 Dual pedestal with CMK

Dual pedestal with CMK

CPF50 Single wall Mount

Single wall Mount

1 & 2

250+ mi

Max power
50 amps

The ideal AC charging solution for multi-family and fleets. Get the most out of existing infrastructure by power sharing across vehicles.

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ChargePoint CP6000 for fleet


ChargePoint CP6000 8" for fleet

CP6000 8"

ChargePoint CP6000 8" wall mount for fleet

CP6000 8" wall mount

Max power
80 amps

Complete, connected high-power AC charging for fleets of all types.

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Express 250


Express 250


5 & 6

200 mi

Max power
125 kW

High power in a small footprint, designed and built to be easy to own and intuitive to use with all types of fleet vehicles.

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Express Plus

Express Plus

Single cable Power Link

Express Plus

Dual cable Power Link

Express Plus

Power Link


200 mi

Max power
500 kW

A completely integrated fast charging solution designed to grow with your fleet and maximize your investment over the long haul.

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Powered by ChargePoint Hardware

Our on-board telematics hardware solution is small, energy efficient and easy to install.

  • Always in compliance with the highest security standards.
  • Continuously monitored, always online and crash-resilient with automatic recovery.
  • Built-in app layer for running your own systems.
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ChargePoint fleet hardware

Ensure success with integrated software

Operate your electric fleet with confidence. Our powerful software, included with every charging station we make, delivers the visibility, accuracy and control you need to tailor fleet charging solutions to your fleet’s needs and adapt over time. Count on our software to make the most of your existing infrastructure and scale charging seamlessly as your fleet goes electric, all in a way that fits with your budget and is streamlined for your drivers.

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