ChargePoint Builds on European Expansion with InstaVolt Partnership

InstaVolt to deploy ChargePoint DC rapid charge solutions, enabling long distance electric travel and accelerating the adoption of e-mobility across the UK


London, United Kingdom – May 9, 2017 ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, today announced its next significant milestone as it expands into the European market by partnering with a major customer. InstaVolt, a brand committed to deploying the latest DC rapid charge technology and building a premium EV network across the UK, has signed a contract to purchase more than 200 ChargePoint rapid charge systems, making long distance EV travel easier for UK drivers.

The deal follows ChargePoint’s announcement in March to expand into Europe with a commitment to help accelerate the transition to e-mobility across Europe.

The UK market itself is at an inflection point. There are more than 90,000 EVs on the road today but this could reach 1.2 million by 2020 according to the Department for Transport. However, one of the major driver concerns currently is the frequency of charging points and the ability to charge vehicles on long journeys. In response to this, ChargePoint’s Express Plus solutions will be installed by InstaVolt close to popular routes across the UK, enabling drivers to easily charge their vehicles during long journeys.

“InstaVolt has raised millions to install a DC rapid charge network country-wide across the U.K.,” said Simon Lonsdale, Vice President, Business Development, ChargePoint, Inc. “We are two companies that are committed to e-mobility in Europe, accelerating the driving revolution by making e-mobility a part of everyday life. InstaVolt is well positioned to help expand EV charging in the UK and are a great partner in this effort.”

ChargePoint Express Plus is a modular charging platform designed to scale as demand grows, which will allow InstaVolt to expand these initial sites to serve more drivers without stranded investment. Able to add hundreds of miles of range in as quick as 15 minutes, Express Plus Stations can charge current EVs at their maximum rate while being future proofed for the next-generation of electric vehicles.

Tim Payne, CEO at InstaVolt, said: “We are delighted to partner with ChargePoint to deliver a best in class EV charging infrastructure. We own, install and maintain rapid electric vehicle charging units all over the country, giving landowners the opportunity to earn a rental income by housing them, and giving EV drivers access to the fastest charging available.

“ChargePoint will fulfil two important criteria for us: the charging units are future-proofed so the units can be configured to meet the precise requirements of any site and can be scaled incrementally as demand for higher rate charging increases. This is particularly important as EV manufacturers begin to bring out new models with increased battery capacity. We are also committed to making sure the units are working 24/7 and so the reliability of the ChargePoint solution is one of the cornerstones of our offer.”

The ChargePoint network enables real-time remote monitoring of stations and delivers station analytics and reports on information such as station use and greenhouse gas emissions avoided.

ChargePoint is the only company in the category that offers charging solutions in every place EV drivers charge, at home, work, around town, and on a trip. With a network of more than 34,000 charging public ports throughout North America, ChargePoint has partnered with more than 7,000 companies to provide charging solutions as an employee benefit, as a feature for customers, to power fleets, or as a charging solution for tenants. To date, thousands of drivers have selected ChargePoint to meet their EV charging needs.

Last month, ChargePoint secured $82 million in funding, as part of a more than $100 million-dollar Series G round, led by Daimler. The investment was secured to support the expansion of ChargePoint’s charging network into Europe, enabling the region to complete the shift to e-mobility. By collaborating with innovative companies like InstaVolt, ChargePoint is laying the groundwork for Europe’s most comprehensive and intelligent charging network.


About ChargePoint

ChargePoint is the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the world, with charging solutions in every category EV drivers charge, at home, work, around town and on the road. With more than 34,500 independently-owned charging spots and more than 7,000 customers (businesses, cities, agencies, and service providers), ChargePoint is the only charging technology company on the market that designs, develops, and manufactures hardware and software solutions across every use case.  Leading EV hardware makers and other partners rely on the ChargePoint network to make charging station details available in mobile apps, online and in navigation systems for popular EVs. ChargePoint drivers have completed more than 21 million charging sessions, saving upwards of 21 million gallons of gasoline and driving more than 525 million gas-free miles. For more information, visit or contact the Media Relations team at 

About InstaVolt

InstaVolt owns, installs and maintains rapid electric vehicle charging units all over the country, giving landowners the opportunity to earn a rental income by housing them, and giving EV drivers access to the fastest charging available.

It believes that charging an electric vehicle should be quick and easy. It’s why, unlike many other companies, InstaVolt operates an ‘open charger’ model, so anyone can use its charging points on a pay-as-you-go basis. No monthly subscription and no membership cards are required.

At the company’s core is a mission to make the UK and easier place to recharge – meaning more electric vehicles on the road and better air quality for all.