ChargePoint Introduces Industry Analysis Focusing on EV Charging in the Workplace 

ChargePoint publishes first of four modules in Charging Forward report, “Charging Forward at Work: Bring the Electric Revolution to Your Workplace,” covering key industry verticals

Campbell, Calif  –  March 10, 2020  –  ChargePoint introduced “Charging Forward at Work,” the first of a series of new interactive, vertical-focused Charging Forward report modules that will serve as vital reference pieces for those exploring the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) mobility market. As the experienced leader in the industry, ChargePoint brings content that zooms in on EV market analysis and data behind transitioning to electric mobility and the growing need for charging infrastructure.

“As electric mobility accelerates, ChargePoint remains dedicated to making the switch to electric easy for everyone, from individual EV drivers and businesses to automakers, fleets and more,” wrote Colleen Jansen, Chief Marketing Officer, ChargePoint in the report. “The foundation of an easy switch is an excellent charging experience everywhere drivers need to go. Delivering that great experience requires understanding what drivers expect and what businesses need from EV charging.” 

As the EV industry evolves, Charging Forward empowers readers with more robust analysis in a tailor-made package for a wide range of verticals. This first module dives into data about growing demand for EVs, the benefits of offering charging and how real-world information and data is continuing to improve the experience of employees at work. The report also provides guidance to help workplaces learn more about available funding, incentives, and the steps required to deploy charging. The interactive content platform allows workplaces and readers to maneuver through the information they require in an easy to read and informative way.

Stay tuned for future module categories including sustainability, commercial real estate and other areas which have and continue to show impact on the growing electric mobility market.

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About ChargePoint

ChargePoint has been committed to making it easy for businesses and drivers to go electric since 2007, with the largest EV charging network and most complete set of charging solutions available today. From workplaces to fleet, residential to retail, ChargePoint is creating the new fueling network to move all people and goods on electricity. To date, ChargePoint’s network has grown to more than 110,000 places to charge with drivers plugging in approximately every two seconds while delivering more than 73 million charges. Thousands of businesses and organizations and hundreds of thousands of drivers and around the world count on ChargePoint. For more information, visit the ChargePoint press room or contact the North America press office at