McDonald's and NovaCharge Deploy ChargePoint Network EV Charging Stations

First "Green" McDonald's Restaurant in US to Include Networked EV Charging Stations from NovaCharge, LLC, and Coulomb Technologies

Cary, NC - July 6, 2009 - McDonald's Corporation, the leading global foodservice retailer, and NovaCharge, a leader in the deployment of EV charging infrastructure, today announced the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations. McDonald's will open the first "green" restaurant, built with eco-friendly materials and technologies, including ChargePoint™ Networked Charging Stations for electric vehicles from Coulomb Technologies, making it the first of its kind in the United States.

Ric Richards, president of Richard's Advantage, Inc. and owner/operator of the new McDonald's, set a strategy in 2007 to build a state of the art restaurant dedicated to sustainability and reduced energy consumption. By partnering with NovaCharge, the new McDonald's will deliver yet another new facet of energy conservation by enabling EV drivers to have a place to recharge their vehicles, while enjoying their meal. NovaCharge, the exclusive distributor in the southeastern U.S. for the ChargePoint Network Charging Stations from Coulomb Technologies provided all aspects of sales and support for this installation.

"The networked grid-friendly charging stations are a perfect complement to the many innovative green features of the restaurant," said Ric Richards, "Our customers will have a dedicated place to park and recharge their vehicles. McDonalds is enabling a better environment for future generations by supporting zero-emissions transportation infrastructure, through the use of the ChargePoint(SM) Network."

The use of green building technologies and electric vehicles are two key facets of America's efforts to transform the nation's economy and address environmental concerns. For EV's to become mainstream, they must be as easy to use and to fuel as their gasoline counterparts. To make this a reality, electric vehicle charging stations must be conveniently available where people work and play. The new "green" McDonald's, located at 1299 Kildaire Farm Road in Cary, NC, will open on July 14th at noon. The restaurant has installed EV charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles, which are enabled by the unique capabilities of the ChargePoint Network.

The ChargePoint Network enabled charging stations provide:

  • A secure, safe, reliable way for consumers to charge their electric vehicles anywhere they work and play.
  • The ability for EV drivers to find, and navigate to, available open stations.
  • Secure, authorized access charging, while eliminating energy theft and cord theft.
  • An infrastructure that enables rapid growth of the market for plug-in electric vehicles of all types.
  • Administrative monitoring and control services to allow utilities to optimize grid use.

"McDonald's is an industry leader in environmental conservation and they are continually launching new initiatives to create a sustainable world" said Helda Rodriguez, president of NovaCharge. "We are pleased to be able to partner with them to deliver the ChargePoint Network system, and to provide safe, convenient, grid-friendly, charging stations for electric vehicles."

About NovaCharge

NovaCharge enables a smart charging infrastructure for plug-in Electric Vehicles (EVs) by providing a seamless, scalable, reliable and cost-effective solution from Coulomb Technologies known as the ChargePoint Network. Together, we are committed to providing an exceptional user experience for the owner's of plug-in Electric Vehicles. NovaCharge provides sales, installation, commissioning and support for the ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations. With our network of Coulomb Technologies co-partner channels we can offer these products and services around the world. Through our growing network of re-sellers and installation partners, NovaCharge can deliver the critical services necessary to ensure the deployment of a high quality EV infrastructure for Government, Private Enterprise, and Electric Utility customers. For more information on NovaCharge please visit

About McDonald's

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