Statement from Pasquale Romano, President and CEO, ChargePoint on the Biden-Harris Administration’s American Jobs Plan

The United States is in the midst of a fundamental transformation of our transportation sector, with consumers, businesses, fleets and automakers embracing the transition to electric vehicles. This transition will create millions of American jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create economic benefits and ensure American transportation leadership for years to come.

Now, in a major policy address laying out his infrastructure agenda, President Biden has put forward a plan with the goal of stimulating the installation of hundreds of thousands of additional EV charging stations over the next decade. By establishing grant and rebate programs for state and local governments, Biden’s plan will increase private sector investment in EV charging infrastructure across the nation, an approach that is already driving investment today.

ChargePoint appreciates the Administration’s commitment to support the electrification of the transportation sector and is ready to help make this vision a reality. We encourage Congress to pass legislation that supports the proposed plan and includes rebates to businesses that will accelerate the installation of charging infrastructure for multifamily homes and workplaces. As part of this legislation, Congress should also seek to expand the 30C tax credit to support fleet electrification, implement a Department of Transportation-led federal-state grant program to deploy charging infrastructure along our nation’s highways, provide funding for electrifying buses, and enable agencies to further electrify the federal fleet.

Once approved, these measures will create jobs and accelerate the transition to EVs through the buildout of EV charging infrastructure nationwide.