9 Everyday Errands You Can Tackle While Charging Your EV

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Everyday Errands You Can Do While Charging

As an EV driver, you’re probably on the look-out for new spots to stop and charge, especially during the busiest times of the year. I have ChargePoint Home in my garage, but like a lot of you, I like to top up my battery when I'm out and about. Thankfully, many major retailers now offer charging as a bonus convenience.

You'll find many malls already offer EV charging, from the legendary Mall of America to Westfield shopping centers across the US. Look for charging options at outlet centers, too. They’re often outside of town, alongside major highways, where you can plug in to cover the extra driving distance, or stop, shop and charge during long-distance trips. 

Here are nine everyday errands you can do while charging: 

Grabbing coffee 

Everybody needs to charge up one way or another. Look for EV charging at coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, where it’s easy to hang out, relax and re-charge.  

Grabbing Coffee while Charging

Buying groceries 

Soon charging your EV will be as simple as picking up a quart of milk. Whole Foods provides charging at more than 100 of its stores, while Krogers offers charging across several western states. 

Buying Groceries while Charging

Stocking up

Major warehouse stores recognize the convenience of providing EV charging. Walmart, for example, plans to offer plug-in options in 39 states before the end of 2019.  

Hitting Big Box Stores while Charging

Target is ramping up its commitment to EVs, too. Now available at Target stores in five states, the chain retailer plans to expand with EV charging at 100 sites across more than 20 states over the next two years.  

Stocking Up while Charging

Seeing your doctor 

Medical providers like Kaiser Permanente provide EV charging to patients on site for appointments and visits. CVS offers charging at many of its stores nationwide, and Walgreen’s claims its 400 locations make it one of the largest retail hosts of EV charging.  

Seeing Your Doctor while Charging

Finding new furnishings 

IKEA currently provides EV charging at 13 locations in the US, and at many more of its stores around the world. As the world’s largest furniture retailer, EV charging is part of IKEA’s global effort to encourage sustainable transportation.  

Finding New Furnishings while Charging

Hitting the drive-thru 

Want fries with that? Several fast food chains have charging on their menus. In-N-Out provides charging at many of its restaurants, while Sonic is testing free EV charging in Texas and Colorado. On a global scale, McDonald’s includes EV charging as part of its equation to reduce greenhouse emissions worldwide.  

Hitting the Drive-Thu while Charging

Gearing up 

When you’re headed out to play, charging your EV shouldn’t slow you down. Major sports suppliers like Dick’s Sporting Goods provide charging that can keep the whole team moving.  

Gearing Up while Charging

Getting your zzzz’s 

No need to lose sleep over finding your next charge. Sleep Country Canada provides EV charging at many of its stores. It’s a smart move for retailers offering larger items, where shoppers are more likely to use cars instead of public transit. 

Getting Your ZZZZs while Charging

Let’s get shopping. The ChargePoint app can help find EV charging near your most frequent stops. 

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