Android Auto Integration Lets You Focus on Driving

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ChargePoint now works with Android Auto

Going electric is becoming the obvious choice. Drivers have more vehicle models to choose from, more places to charge and more ways to start charging than ever before. Here at ChargePoint, we keep making EV ownership easier with convenient new experiences like the ability to find and start a charge right from your car.

ChargePoint already works with Apple CarPlay, and we’re excited to announce that we now offer Android Auto as well. Built on the Android for Cars App Library, our latest app update offers all the features you need for a great electric vehicle (EV) driving experience with Android Auto, like finding a station, starting a charge, getting notifications when stations are available and more.

Get Android Auto and drive happy with ChargePoint

Android is the dominant mobile platform worldwide, powering about 70% of devices. Any company can install Android software on their hardware, which has led to Android running on all kinds of devices from Samsung phones to Kindle Fires and everything in between—including, of course, cars. Android Auto unlocks unique in-vehicle experiences for Android users, offering everything from sweet tunes on Spotify to helpful navigation on Google Maps. We’re proud to be part of this large and growing open ecosystem, and we continue to look for new ways to make EV charging and ownership more convenient.

ChargePoint on Android Auto

How It Works

To use ChargePoint on Android Auto, just connect your Android phone to your Android Auto–compatible vehicle or stereo, then choose the ChargePoint icon from your vehicle screen. You’ll see a map with nearby charging stations. Just tap one of the stations to see station information such as availability, speed and cost, or get help navigating to the station. Once you’ve arrived, you can start a charge right from your vehicle.

Nearby EV charging stations on Android Auto and ChargePoint

Filter nearby stations by charging speed, availability and cost (free stations only), as well as compatibility with your vehicle. Station information screens show availability, charging speed (including AC or DC), price and supported connectors. If a station is busy, you can tap Notify Me to find out when it opens up.

My Menu lets you search for stations near a destination instead of nearby. (For safety reasons, you can only type while your vehicle is parked.) The My Menu option also shows My Spots and Recently Visited, so you can easily access your favorite or frequent places to charge.

Find your EV charging spots in ChargePoint on Android Auto

The first time you connect to Android Auto, we'll ask you to confirm your vehicle to make sure we have the latest info and can provide you with the right filter options and charging speeds.

Android Auto is yet another intuitive, convenient way to find charging spots and start charging. It fits with the driving habits and familiar technology of drivers all over the world. Don’t take our word for it — get the app and try it out for yourself.

Get the App

Big thanks to the many beta users who helped us test our Android Auto app and provided thoughtful feedback. If you’d like to become a beta tester, sign up for Android testing.

To use ChargePoint with Android Auto, you’ll need:  

  • Android phone with version 6.0 or above
  • Android Auto app from Google Play 
  • ChargePoint®️ app with version 5.78.0 or above from Google Play 
  • A car or stereo compatible with Android Auto

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