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Folks at ChargePoint are always looking for ways to connect, so it's extra special when we meet each other’s feline friends. Cats fill our lives with mischief and mystery. They also purr as smooth as any EV. Check out the whiskers that belong to Team ChargePoint, along with their favorite EVs.

The Cats of ChargePoint - Bella, Christian, Citra

Bella is very sporty and roots for the Ravens (her mom’s team). She has strong opinions about their defense and thinks Lamar Jackson is a national treasure, but she'll chase any bird that comes into the yard. Her parents drive a Tesla Model S and a Mercedes B250-e.

Christian joined the ChargePoint family eight months ago as a foster pet with his mommy, brother and two sisters. The kittens were found near a construction site at just three weeks old. With his big eyes and even bigger personality, he knew he'd found his fur-ever home. His favorite thing to do is play fetch with his brother's Nerf gun bullets. (See Oliver's photo below.) If Christian could drive an EV, he'd go for the Audi e-tron. It has the refinement he's become accustomed to now. 

Citra is a rescue kitty, an unusually wily and clever domestic shorthair adopted from the Humane Society. She loves wrestling with her kitty BFF Simcoe (see his picture below), climbing on the highest piece of furniture she can reach, being petted and figuring out ways to outwit her humans – not necessarily in that order. If Citra were to drive an EV, it would be a Rimac C Two supercar, because she's a feline daredevil with an endless supply of the zoomies!

The Cats of ChargePoint - Gromit, Kibo, Maisie

Gromit is named after a really smart dog (from the incomparable "Wallace and Gromit" claymation series). But our Gromit isn't always the brightest. He spends a lot of time in boxes he has no business being in. (See photo above.) When he's out and about, the thing he appreciates most is the quiet ride of the Chevy Bolt.

Named after the Japanese space agency and a module on the International Space Station respectively, these two may look alike, but their personalities couldn't be more different. Jaxa is a bit of a fraidy-cat, while Kibo is brash and self-assured. Jaxa would rather sleep than drive, but if Kibo had opposable thumbs he'd be behind the wheel of a tech gray Jaguar I-Pace in a heartbeat.

Twelve-year-old Zurie fell in love with cats as a volunteer for Town Cats at Petco, so she went to the animal shelter to meet a few more. Maisie fell in love with Zurie and those two are now little peas in a pod. Maisie's favorite toy is a robe belt that she's stolen and carries around the house. Her EV of choice would be a Jaguar I-Pace, because she truly believes she is a Jaguar. 

The Cats of ChargePoint - Max, Mei Mei, Mi-Kun

Max is a pure-bred, kick-ass Maine Coon with an attitude. When he was a kitten, he looked just like Stripe from the movie "Gremlins" and had a similar personality. Underneath the tough exterior, he is a gentle giant who loves playing with his sister from another mother, Tiger Lily. (See Tiger Lily's photo below.) He also tolerates Coda, a dog who, he believes, provides no value to the family dynamic. His favorite pastime is eating, sleeping and doing the cat equivalent of an eye roll when annoyed with his humans. Max would definitely drive a Daimler eTruck, the perfect combo of quality engineering and efficiency. 

Mei-Mei (officially her name is Mater, but we love to call her Mei-Mei) was adopted through a rescue organization. She has beautiful apple green eyes and graphite gray spots around her white fur. She is an indoor cat and holds a regal and graceful disposition. She can be very shy and coy towards strangers, but she is very affectionate to those she loves. She recently lost her best friend Bailey (a dog) and comes to her humans for extra love. She often greets us with soft-and-sweet meows behind the garage door. When out and about, she likes to ride in an e-Golf.

Despite being part of a rescued feral litter, Mi-kun is quite happy playing the part of a house cat. He cherishes extensive lap time with his human family but can also appreciate snoozing in the window on a warm fleece blanket. When traveling to and from the vet's office, Mi-kun can be seen riding in a bright green Chevy Spark EV.

The Cats of ChargePoint - Mikey, Nikki, Oliver

Mikey was given up to a shelter because he "spends too much time hiding under the bed." Seven years later, he's flourishing with his new family, although he still hides from strangers, the vacuum and scary brooms. He loves to hang out in a warm spot or watch the birds and a squirrel from the living room, and while he doesn't give cuddles, he likes to sit touching his human friends. The Kia Soul is his preferred EV, because he likes to be different.

Nikki is the mascot for ChargePoint Home. She's named after Nikola Tesla, an early innovator of the modern alternating current electricity supply system. She gets along with everybody, she likes to stick close to home, and she's ready to play whenever you are. She's also good buddies with Eddie, a very active pup and the mascot for ChargePoint Express.

Oliver is an orange tabby who came into our home with Christian (pictured above), two sisters and mommy, all foster cats rescued from a construction site. He immediately connected with his eleven-year-old companion (who he gives high fives to!), and he quickly became part of the family. Oliver enjoys simple pleasures, such as lounging in the window or watching his crazy brother. He sees himself behind the wheel of a Ford C-Max. 

The Cats of ChargePoint - Simcoe, Sophie, Tiger Lily

Simcoe is a docile, cuddly Persian cat who originally hails from the Inland Empire in southern California. Although he sports a perpetually disapproving and imperious expression, he delights in the simple things: being petted, wrestling with his kitty BFF Citra (pictured above), grooming himself, shedding insane amounts of fur and doing that weird silent chattering thing as he watches birds on the feeders outside. If Simcoe were to drive an EV, it would be the Jaguar I-Pace, because His Fluffiness wants to make an impression around town!

Sophie was adopted on the same day as Mikey (see his photo above). She likes cuddling with any human she can climb on, and she will yell at you to make it known that she's ready fo one. She doesn’t mind a vacuum and will stare it down. She can also be a ninja and sneak up on you: there have been a couple of close calls, narrowly missing being kicked or stood on. Her EV of choice is a little Fiat 500e, because it’s small, nippy and cosy.

Tiger Lily was found as a stray in San Jose when she was a little kitten. She adopted her family after they visited a local Petco for a new leather collar that the dog chewed up. She won them over  with her playful demeanor and exotic Bengal-like looks. Now she has everyone wrapped around her little paws, except the dog who she hates beyond words. She is a sweet, affectionate girl who loves to get treats and race throughout the house playing with her brother from another mother, Max. She has her eye on a Chevy Bolt, a fun, zippy ride that suits her personality. 

Team ChargePoint is proud of its canine buddies, too. Check out The Dogs of ChargePoint and their EVs of choice.

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