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EV Charging for Valet Services

EV sales keep breaking records and 2017 has already seen more EV deliveries than any other year. So, chances are you’re seeing more EVs in your parking lots. One of the benefits of networked charging is that your EV charging solutions keep getting better over time, and today, we’re introducing a new way to help you charge more cars with less effort: Valet.

Whether you operate a fleet of EVs or offer valet parking to customers, residents or employees, Valet helps you charge more vehicles more efficiently. Through a simple map view, Valet provides a clear picture into the charging status of vehicles that are currently plugged in and shows what stations are ready to use right now. This makes it easier for valet attendants to identify available charging spots and switch out cars that are done charging for cars that need a charge.

To get the most out of Valet so your employees can charge more cars with less effort:

  • Display the Valet map on a tablet at your valet stand to give attendants instant visibility into the charging status of all vehicles that are parked.

  • Filter the Valet view to show only fully charged vehicles or available spots, so you always know where to take a vehicle that needs a charge.

  • Use each driver’s personal ChargePoint account to start charging sessions, so the driver pays for any charging fees and gets charging updates through the app.

Using Valet effectively will make life easier for your attendants while keeping your valet customers informed and happy. For more information about Valet, check out the FAQ.

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