Charge up your romance on Valentine's Day

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Happy couple in an EV

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air — and that air is getting cleaner every day, thanks to more and more electric vehicles on the road. If you or your sweetie drive an EV, you’re making a huge contribution toward a cleaner, greener planet. In fact, when switching from an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, the average EV driver saves about 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year from tailpipe emissions.

That’s something to celebrate on its own, but when you combine EVs with romance, it’s truly a special occasion. Read on for our Valentine’s Day gift ideas and suggestions for an electric date.

Plugged-in presents for your EV sweetie

Flowers may be cliché to some, but they really never go out of style as an expression of love — and as a way to freshen up the interior of your valentine’s EV. Over 100 years ago, the Henry Ford Detroit Electric car featured a glass “auto vase” for real or silk flowers, adding a bit of floral flair to the ride and kicking off a trend that lasted almost two decades. Imagine your sweetheart’s face when they open their car door and find a happy gerbera daisy on the dash.

Small favors earn big points if your partner’s top love language is acts of service. On Valentine’s Day, take your honey’s EV out and get it charged up so they’ll be ready to go wherever their heart desires. Go one step further and have the EV detailed inside and out so your darling can sparkle wherever they go.

Does your love love chocolate? Instead of a box of bonbons, you could commission a custom-made chocolate model of their EV. (Uh, just an idea …)

ChargePoint Home Flex

But, really, what could be more romantic than a home EV charger? ChargePoint Home Flex offers fast, flexible and smart home charging for every type of EV — even Tesla. Your sweetie can sleep soundly, knowing their EV will be charged up and ready to go when they wake up every morning.

Romantic dates for getting revved up

As EV charging infrastructure grows, your special Valentine’s Day celebration options are endless. Whether you are simply going out for a delicious dinner or decide to take a romantic road trip, the ChargePoint app can help you find charging all along your route. We’ve got a few ideas, but when it comes to romance, the personal touch is key.

If getting a dinner reservation proves too challenging or you'd rather do something a little quieter, pack a picnic with all your partner’s favorite treats and plug in near a city park. A growing number of municipalities now require that a percentage of all newly constructed public parking spots be wired for EV charging. To help communities go electric faster, President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes $2.5 billion in grants over five years for cities and states, specifically for building out that infrastructure.

Live in a snowy locale? Bundle up and head for the hills in search of a beautiful view. Bring a cozy blanket and a thermos full of hot cocoa to increase the hygge and create a romantic moment your sweet thing will never forget.

Day trip with your valentine to the closest national park and bask in your love against a backdrop of nature’s beauty. The National Parks Service has added EV charging at 91 locations across the U.S. so far, with more implementations planned.

Create your own drive-in experience using your EV’s in-vehicle infotainment system. Pop some popcorn and find a sweet spot to watch the sunset, then dial up one of the most romantic movies of all time on your favorite streaming service. After the movie … well, even EVs have back seats.

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