Charging On Sunshine: Power Your Home and Your Car with a Single Solar Solution

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Fully Integrated Solar from Vivint and ChargePoint

Are you interested in solar energy, but not sure where to get started or how to make solar work with the rest of your home energy needs? You’re not alone. A Research Now study found that many people are interested in combining home solar with a smart home system (54%), home battery storage (46%) and EV charging (28%). So where do you begin?

Good news: ChargePoint and Vivint Solar have made charging on sunshine simple with the world’s first Fully Integrated Solar solution for your home. The system includes Vivint Solar solar panels, home battery storage, integrated energy management and our ChargePoint Home EV charger. With Fully Integrated Solar, you can reliably power your home and charge your car with sustainably generated energy at any time of day or night. Vivint also provides integrated energy management to help reduce your overall energy use.

All the parts of the system work together smoothly to make sure you can run your whole home on renewables, whether the sun’s out or not. Because the system is fully integrated, you don’t have to worry about evaluating, selecting and installing multiple products from different vendors. Vivint Solar will install everything you need to power your home and car with renewable energy.

Even better, ChargePoint Home is ENERGY STAR certified and works with Nest, so you’ll use less energy when not charging and be able to track all of your energy use in one place. Getting off the grid and going all-renewable has never been this easy. If you chose to drive electric for environmental or financial reasons, solar can help you take the next step.

Many people who drive electric are also interested in solar. Fully integrated solar is currently available in California and coming soon to a city near you. You can purchase or finance your solar solution to meet your energy needs.

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