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Our EV drivers are fun and passionate, and they have a sense of humor. We recently asked drivers about their custom license plates, and they didn’t fail to deliver. We got plate submissions from over 20 states and provinces, from Texas to Ontario, for more than a dozen EV models, from the Tesla Roadster to the Honda Clarity. Here are a few of our favorites.

It's electric!
The Model 3 is electric! EVs are also getting more popular in Ontario. (From @3lectric_model3)


Three phase power!
Three-phase power is the way to go... especially in Maryland.


Get amped up for EVs!
EVs stay amped, even in rain, sleet and snow.


We're charged up!
This Texas Tesla is CH4RGED up. Maybe even by solar power?


Keep those EVs charged and happy.
You can charge your EV on locally produced power!


Stay charged on clean power.
Clean power is the way to go.


Disrupt traditional driving.
Disrupt driving, go electric.


EV drivers know about EV power.
All EV drivers have felt the EV power at some point.


High voltage for the Volt.
This NC Volt has high voltage!


An EV plate in Japan
Check out this Mitsubishi Kei model i (KEII) from Japan.


Plug me in please.
Plug, please.


EVs run silently!
Shh, this NC Tesla is running silent. (And using EV parking!)


Using solar for my EV.
This California LEAF is solar-powered!


Running on sunshine!
We wonder how long this Roadster has been driving on sunshine.


Go Tigers!
This Mizzou fan sees the future with clarity. 


Zero gas!
No gas, no problems.


Zero ohms!
You won't get any "resistance" from us when it comes to driving electric.​​​​


EV drivers kick gas!

​​​​​​Thanks to all the EV drivers kicking gas in beautiful British Columbia and beyond.


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