EV Enthusiast and Tesla Employee Builds His Own Electric Motorcycles

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Driving Electric with Tesla and ChargePoint

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Tesla employee and driver Anthony enjoys building and riding electric motorcycles. We asked him to share more about his electric driving experiences. Here's what Anthony told us about his EVs and charging habits around Northern Michigan. 

Where do you live? Do you see many other EVs around?

I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. EVs are catching on here and we see more and more every day.

What do you do for work?

I work as a Tesla Mobile Ranger across Western and Northern Michigan, meaning I visit Tesla owners to service their vehicles. 

How has driving electric affected your work?

Experimenting with electric vehicles got me my job at Tesla. So I guess you could say it enabled my work!

Zero DS and homemade electric bike

What made you decide to go electric? When did you make the switch?

I started building and riding electric motorcycles exactly 10 years ago. I was intrigued by the simplicity and lower fuel costs, but there are many other benefits!

"I was intrigued by the simplicity and cost of fuel, but there are many other benefits to driving electric!"

- Anthony, Zero DS and Tesla Model 3 driver

How did you decide which EV(s) to buy?

I built many of my electric motorcycles as conversions from gas to electric, but I chose my EVs (Tesla Model 3 and a Zero DS 13Kw motorcycle) by the longest range and fastest charging available.

Where do you usually charge? Do you have a favorite charging spot?

I usually charge at home, but Grand Rapids has a booming brewery and restaurant scene, so I frequent the wonderful ChargePoint stations around the downtown area.

How much do you estimate you’re saving on gas and maintenance?

TONS! I haven’t kept track, but likely past $10,000 easily.

Where’s the best place you’ve taken an electric road trip, or where would you like to take one?

We have taken our Tesla from Michigan to southern Florida, and I’ve ridden my electric motorcycle about 380 miles using the ChargePoint chargers in Traverse City and Northern Michigan.

"Experimenting with electric vehicles got me my job at Tesla."

- Anthony, Zero DS and Tesla Model 3 driver

What’s your favorite thing about driving electric?

The instant torque and ease of operation. Motorcycles usually have clutches and shifters, but this is not necessary on an electric motorcycle!

Zero DS

Anything else you want us to know?

ChargePoint rocks! Please keep building out the network.    

Thanks, Anthony! Tesla drivers, motorcycle enthusiasts and other EV lovers can always count on ChargePoint to get a charge. Get the app to keep driving electric.

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