EV News You Can Use, 10/12

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EVs in the News
  • The U.S. hits an exciting milestone: 1,000,000 EVs sold. [Inside EVs] 

  • A study finds that limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees would require zero emissions by 2075. [New York Times] 

  • High oil prices drive electric car sales. [Oil Price News] 

  • Mazda aims for 5 percent of sales to be electric by 2030. [CNET Roadshow] 

  • Venture capitalists invested $1.9 billion in the future of cars in Q4. [Fast Company] 

  • More efficient heating and cooling could help extend EV range. [CleanTechnica] 

  • Bollinger may release a pickup with 200 miles of range by 2020. [The Verge] 

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