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Every week, we bring you a roundup of EV news you can use. Whether it’s new models or new places to charge, we want to keep you current with what’s going on in the world of EVs, at ChargePoint and beyond.

  • Green Car Reports covers the 2018 Fiat 500e, which has a similar range (84 miles) and look as previous years. This is a cute and affordable EV option currently available for people in California and Oregon.

  • Inside EVs collects six plug-in hybrids that deliver from 10 to 97 miles of electric range. Find the one that’s right for you.

  • A Green Car Reports survey finds that lower vehicle prices could help convince people to drive electric. With battery prices set to keep falling, EV adoption may ramp up even more soon.

  • The Verge shows how Dyson is getting ready to clean up our act with EVs.

  • CNET reports that Volkswagen will begin production of its ID Buzz in November 2019, starting with a hatchback worldwide and a crossover in the U.S., as the company aims to sell 1 million EVs a year by 2025.

  • Inside EVs describes how getting your EV rebate in California just got easier with a new pre-approval program being piloted in San Diego County. Find EV incentives in your area.

  • As EV sales continue to accelerate, will EVs be the new smartphone? The Sacramento Bee writes, “Instead of electric vehicle sales growing steadily each year, they appear headed to a tipping point, where they grow exponentially until they become common. Smart phones followed this pattern; electric cars could be as common by 2040 as smart phones are today.”

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