EV News You Can Use, 2/23

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EVs in the News

Every week, we bring you a roundup of EV news you can use. Whether it’s new models or new places to charge, we want to keep you current with what’s going on in the world of EVs, at ChargePoint and beyond.

  • The BBC has advice for EV owners (or would-be owners) who live in apartments, including how to get a grant for up to 75% of your charging costs (find U.S. home charging rebates here).

  • CleanTechnica busts the myth that it takes too long to charge: “It just takes a few seconds to plug in or unplug.”

  • Could making clean water also make lithium for car batteries? Engadget explores lithium as a possible byproduct of water purification.

  • Yahoo! Tech columnist David Pogue shares how he came to drive the Honda Clarity, concluding, “You’re crazy not to look into this [PHEV] category. Who doesn’t like saving money and getting a zippier car?"

"Who doesn’t like saving money and getting a zippier car?"

- David Pogue, Yahoo! Tech

  • Fully Charged channels its inner hippie and takes the VW ID Buzz (and Crozz) for a test drive in SoCal. Check out that rectangular steering wheel, which disappears in autonomous mode.

  • More trips won’t need more oil: “Higher oil demand will be more than offset by increased engine efficiency standards as well as the larger number of EVs and shared traveling,” according to a new BP report covered in Reuters.

  • A new motor design from Toyota reduces use of rare-earth metals, according to CNBC.

  • Nationwide availability and 151 miles of range at an affordable price make the Nissan LEAF InsideEVs’ “top pick in terms of range, performance, passenger and cargo capacity, and price.”

  • Chinese consumers are twice as trusting of self-driving cars as Germans or Americans, reports The Drive.

  • The Chevy Bolt EV is the top “compact green car” according to Consumer Reports.

  • Renault opens an all-EV showcase in Sweden. Green Car Reports has the scoop.

ChargePoint Highlights

  • ArsTechnica recognizes that ChargePoint workplace charging can encourage people to drive electric.

  • ChargePoint joins the National Resources Defense Council and 40 other organizations in petitioning New York State to accelerate EV promotion.

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