EV News You Can Use, 3/16

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EVs in the News
  • EVs continue to get cleaner, no matter where you charge them. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, “75% of people now live in places where driving on electricity is cleaner than a 50 MPG gasoline car.”
  • Argonne National Laboratory offers a new tool for comparing EV options.
  • "The fact is, electric propulsion is inevitable - but on top of this, advances in autonomous driving will come much soon than we think,” says Fabrizio Giugiaro, CEO of GFG Style, to Wired in an overview of how EVs electrified the floor at the Geneva Motor Show.
  • The Drive examines how Brexit could affect EVs in the UK.
  • An Economist spotlight on autonomous vehicles shares UBS estimates that “automation, competition and electrification... will cut the cost of ride-hailing by 70%, to about $0.70 per mile. So a typical Western household driving 10,000 miles a year could ditch its car, use robotaxis and save $5,000 a year.”
  • CleanTechnica talks to the Electronic Power Research Institute, which says “Local utilities can serve as energy advisors for their customers who are considering electric vehicles, especially around rate plans and behind-the-meter infrastructure requirements needed to support EVs.”
  • Harley-Davidson and Alta will work together on an electric motorcycle, as seen in Charged EVs.
  • As Tesla announces plans for drive-in movie/restaurants around charging locations, Electrek readers start to plan the menu: $12 Tesla Burger Meal - Soy Bun, 2 Vegan Beef Patties, Tesla Patented Sauce, CA Lettuce (raised at Fremont factory), French Fries $7 extra (CASH ONLY).
  • Will new Tesla Model 3 owners get more noise than they bargained for with their new EV? One driver tells Green Car Reports, “I have found the car twice in the garage, locked, with the stereo blasting at full volume for who knows how long,” as the publication covers other issues.
  • Jalopnik rounds up vehicle tax breaks, including a 30% tax credit for installing home charging.

ChargePoint Highlights

  • Our VP of Public Policy, Anne Smart, says, "There's lots of room to grow when it comes to installing charging infrastructure, and we need to get that done to meet the growing demand” as The Oklahoman describes how “Oklahoma is helping to convert a nation of drivers from gasoline to electric vehicles.” Oklahoma was the second-fastest-growing state for EV adoption in 2017.
  • The Rochester EV Accelerator project expands its electric vehicle fleet with ChargePoint stations: “Having electric vehicles and access to charging stations improves air quality by making it a more sustainable city... We're making this a more livable sustainable city.”
  • We join other industry experts to share our view of the future at CleanTechnica, with CEO Pat Romano describing how “the fleetification of everything, coupled with electric drive, will change our lives more than we ever expected.”
  • The City of Oakland adds ChargePoint chargers alongside solar power.

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