EV News You Can Use, 3/30

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EVs in the News
  • How do you charge with no garage? CleanTechnica investigates the options, including utility programs. (ChargePoint also has charging for apartments and condos.)
  • A thorough EV buyer’s guide from Autoblog includes everything you need to know before you bring your new car home.
  • Today’s EV batteries could power tomorrow’s cities, as shown in ZDNet.
  • Bloomberg explores what California is teaching China about EV adoption. China and California are expected to make up half of worldwide EV sales in 2018.
  • Colorado prepares to invest over $10 million in alternative fueling stations, including EV charging, as covered in the Denver Business Journal. The state is aiming for 1 million EVS by 2030.
  • Electrek dives into Tesla’s electric car service technician training program.
  • Autoblog has the scoop on Waymo's new self-driving Jaguar I-PACE. (We’ve got the scoop on how to charge it.)
  • BMW and Daimler join car sharing forces, bringing together Car2Go and ReachNow, as reported by Bloomberg.
  • USA Today brings us details on the Hyundai Kona, including its 250 miles of range. The car will be available in Q4 2018.
  • Hyundai debuts the Genesis Essentia all-electric concept coupe with butterfly doors, in Bloomberg.
  • See how the New York Auto Show reveals who's committed to electrification, on TheStreet.

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