EV News You Can Use, 3/9

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EV News You Can Use, 3/9
  • Utilities look to EVs for opportunity. Quartz writes, “The transport sector may be the only major new source of electricity demand for developed economies.”

  • The Verge gushes over the next-generation Formula E electric racecar, which can go 0–60 in 2.7 seconds and has a larger battery that can last a whole race.

  • Solar handled 49.95% of California’s energy demand on March 4, a new record according to Green Tech Media. The next day, the state reached a new peak solar production of 10,411 megawatts, expanding California’s leadership in renewable energy.

  • U.S. brands come in third in terms of global EV sales, as tracked in Inside EVs.

  • It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s an Audi? Electrek shows prototypes of a drone/EV hybrid from Audi and Airbus that can handle air or ground transport.

  • The Tesla Semi’s first test run was, fittingly, to transport batteries to Elon’s Gigafactory.

  • Drivers will be able to order Honda’s adorable Urban EV in 2019, writes CNET.

ChargePoint Highlights

  • We celebrated 10 years of clean transportation work with the California Energy Commission and its Lead Commissioner Janea Scott at the State Capitol in Sacramento.

  • David Schatz, our ‎director of public policy, tells Utility Dive that Maryland’s new EV charging program can set an example for other states, saying, "Maryland undertook a challenging, year-long open stakeholder process, and the result is the second largest program for EV charging outside of California.”

  • Mike Waters, our director of utility solutions, shares tips on EV program design at PowerForward in Ohio.

  • Prius Prime driver Mark went 3800 miles on one tank of gas. Wow!

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