EV News You Can Use, 4/6

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EVs in the News
  • Teslarati outlines how Tesla has quadrupled Model 3 output and committed to 5,000 a week in Q2.

  • New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signs ZEV memorandum, bringing the number of ZEV states to 9.

  • NIO opens a service center next to Tesla, as covered in Electrek.

  • EV drivers react to indications that the EPA will lower emission standards in Green Car Reports.

  • EVs are truly global: both Norway and Germany had impressive EV sales in March, and InsideEVs covers the all-time U.S. record of 26,373 EVs sold last month.

  • Get a peek inside the development of the Jaguar I-Pace in this Digital Trends interview.

  • McKinsey joined forces with A2Mac1 to see how design could usher in mass-market EVs.

  • Meet Polestar, a new EV brand that’s part of Geely, alongside Volvo.

  • Yes, it’s safe for this electric fire truck to carry water. In Electrek.

  • Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, NCAA and now EVs: Pennsylvania just keeps winning, with with a new bill that calls for expanding transportation electrification and building out EV charging.

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