EV News You Can Use, 6/8

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EVs in the News
  • Charging station growth keeps pace with EV growth, according to Bloomberg.

  • Get your milk from eco-friendly electric trucks: UK’s Milk & More goes electric with DHL.

  • Teslarati covers how a Tesla Model 3 went over 606 miles on a single charge in pursuit of setting a Guinness World Record.

  • A version of the Honda Fit EV returns with 186 miles of range for under $20,000, as shown in CleanTechnica.

  • An over-the-air update to the braking system restores Consumer Reports’ confidence in the Tesla Model 3, in InsideEVs.

  • California approves record utility investment in electrification, putting over $700 million towards a variety of projects, as explained in Bloomberg.

  • Fiat-Chrysler to deliver electric Jeeps, Maseratis and Fiats, as seen in Electrek.

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