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Greenspot Advances Charging Infrastructure

Greenspot is an EV charging infrastructure company that has already installed 20 EV charging spots for drivers in and around New Jersey and is aiming to hit a total of 150 charging spots by the end of this year. Michael Mazur, Business Development Manager at Greenspot, recently chatted with us about why Greenspot chose ChargePoint for EV charging and how its story can inform other companies' selection of an EV charging solution. Michael is an EV enthusiast who's committed to expanding EV charging infrastructure across the tri-state area (Connecticut, New Jersey and New York), giving people more transportation options. Here's what he had to say about choosing ChargePoint.

What made you look into EV charging?

I work at Greenspot because we're committed to revolutionizing urban mobility for a sustainable tomorrow. We see that electric transit is the future because it’s cleaner, more efficient and better for the environment. To encourage more people to start driving electric, EV charging needs to be readily available. Additionally, as more people give up private car ownership, we want to not only encourage car sharing, but also ensure that this car sharing is done with EVs.

Fleets of shared EVs are a great way for more people to navigate urban environments with less congestion and less pollution. As our parent company Shuster Group came to see the need for electric car sharing in urban environments, we realized there had to be a way to keep them charged. In an urban environment, EV users and owners need simple, accessible charging stations because they don't have a private garage. So we went in search of an EV charging solution that would be uncomplicated, intuitive and easy for drivers to use.

How does ChargePoint help you with charging?

There are two key reasons we chose ChargePoint: the mobile app and online dashboard. The app offers a convenient way for drivers to find our stations no matter where they go in the area. If no one can find our stations, they might as well not be there. An app fits perfectly with our drivers’ mobile lifestyle and eases their transition from gas to electric. Drivers can find places to charge near them and filter for fast charging spots too. Using the ChargePoint app lets our drivers find places to charge outside of our service area as well, so they can go more places.

In addition to an app for drivers, it’s crucial for us to get data from ChargePoint about when, where and how people use our stations. We can do this in the online dashboard, which shows real-time data on station usage and greenhouse gas emissions avoided, alongside tools for managing station policies like how much it costs to charge. Easy access to this type of comprehensive data on station usage is a huge asset for our business as we plan our expansion into more areas, and simple online tools make it easy to manage station policies.

What’s next for Greenspot?

We’re charging (ahem) full speed ahead and installing more stations so our EV drivers can go more places in the greater New York City area and beyond. We’re very excited about the growing usage of our charging spots and looking forward to growing our fleets of shared EVs as well. As more people drive electric, we plan to keep expanding as well as support new drivers with convenient places to charge and a simple way to find them with ChargePoint.

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