How Much Money Could You Save by Driving Electric?

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Have you been considering making the switch to an electric vehicle? Not sure how much money you could save by using electricity for fuel? The average driver in the U.S. will save over $700 each year by driving an electric car and charging mostly at home. I know I’ve saved thousands of dollars on fuel since going electric. 

As an EV driver, my biggest money-saving tips for you are to schedule home charging at off-peak hours and take advantage of free or affordable charging at ChargePoint stations (which are easy to find in our app) around town. If you’re like me, you’ll love discovering that places near you like parks, museums and libraries offer charging.

Here’s how to get the most out of our gas-to-electric mileage calculator:

  1. Enter how many miles you drive each year. The more you drive, the more you’ll save, but you can still save even if you just drive a few miles per day.

  2. Enter how many miles per gallon your gas car gets. The lower your current fuel economy, the more you’ll save by going electric.

  3. See how ChargePoint can help you save away from home. Many businesses offer charging for free or at a low price because they want you to stop by.

See for yourself how much money you can save by thinking about kilowatts instead of gallons:

Drive Electric. Spend Less.

Estimate your savings with ChargePoint

How many miles do you usually drive each year?

The average person in the U.S. drives 13,476 miles a year.

5,000 30,000

How many miles per gallon does your car get?

The average U.S. car can go a mere 23.9 miles per gallon of gas.

10 50

If you get an EV, how often will you charge on ChargePoint away from home?

The average cost per kWh on ChargePoint is less than half the national average electricity price. Most charging is free because businesses want you to stop by.

0% 100%

“I'm not sure how much I'll use ChargePoint.”

Most EV drivers charge at home. If you'll also charge at work and around town, you could do more than 50% of your charging on ChargePoint.

Your results*

With a gas car

You’ll spend $##.

If you switch to an EV

You’ll spend just $## on charging,
saving $##.


Remember, individual business owners determine the price at each  ChargePoint station, so always check the app to see how much a charge will cost before plugging in.

The average fuel savings of $700 a year would be enough to get the iPhone 8 I've had my eye on. Keep in mind that our calculator doesn’t even include the incentives you can get for driving an EV and charging at home, or reduced maintenance costs. You could have a few grand coming back to your savings account yet.

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