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All of us around the world have been facing a difficult situation right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our thoughts remain with everyone who’s been personally affected by the virus, and we extend our thanks and support to the healthcare professionals working tirelessly to keep us all safe. And of course, we encourage everyone to stay at home and wash your hands (for at least 20 seconds).

Because fueling is an essential business, ChargePoint employees continue to do our best work (albeit now from home) to ensure that EV drivers can continue to charge up around the world. However, times like these cause us to reflect more deeply on the motivations behind what we do. Many of us work on electric mobility because we care deeply about leaving a brighter future for the next generation. Our commitment to making the world a better place is intensified at this moment as we look for ways to help community members in need, whether it’s by staying in our homes, shopping for neighbors in need or just doing our day jobs—helping people get where they need to go, emission-free.

In brighter days, our CEO, Pasquale Romano, spent time chatting with some employees’ children to get their perspective on the future of mobility and the environment. We put together the video above for internal use, but we wanted to share it with you to in this stressful time to remind us of our shared purpose—and to provide some much-needed levity (laughter is proven to reduce stress and raise spirits).

So today, we're introducing you to some of the folks who motivate us to do what we do every day. You’ve already met the dogs of ChargePoint (twice!) and the cats of ChargePoint. Now it’s time to meet the kids of ChargePoint! Check out what they had to say about what their parents do, how EVs help the environment and what they want to drive someday.

Athena is not sure exactly what her mom does here, but she thinks adults should generate less pollution.

Jaydon likes that his family’s EV goes smoother than their gas car. He thinks a healthier planet is better so there can be more animals. (Right there with you, Jaydon.)

Holland likes playing video games in her family’s Tesla.

Ethan helps his mom with writing websites and instructions for installing ChargePoint stations. Ellee isn’t sure what her dad does other than work in “it” (IT) and smile a lot.

Joselyn’s mom is a graphic designer. She recommends that adults stop littering and reduce plastic use. She wants to know what Pat, our CEO, is doing to help the environment.

Jada says that if the climate changes too fast, there won't be a future for humans on earth. She thinks people should drive less and wants to know if Pat could make any car electric, what would it be?

Connor's family's EV is called Lightfoot. He thinks people should plant more trees and drive electric cars to reduce their carbon footprint and keep the ice caps from melting.

Emilia helps plug in her family’s EV to charge and would choose a red car if she got one of her own. She knows electricity comes from the wires around us.

Warren is an EV expert who is interested in cars that drive underwater. His family’s Tesla Model 3 is called Kilowatt Whale and he wants to be an automotive engineer when he grows up.

Mabel knows that her mom works on computers and does coding. She wants a car with rainbow dots and thinks driving electric is important for making the world healthy.

Ella says gas cars cause air pollution so EVs are better for the environment, and she knows that electricity comes from multiple sources (wind, solar and more). She wants everybody to be aware of how much plastic they use. When she asks Pat his favorite thing about ChargePoint, he tells her it’s the people.

Zeynep and Ali know that their mom works on testing the ChargePoint app (or at least Ali does). They would get a van or a hybrid car and recommend walking instead of driving. 

The next generation really keeps us motivated in our work toward a better future, both in the short term and the long term. How are you best serving your community right now? 

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