Powering the future: ChargePoint Home Flex voted best overall home charger

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ChargePoint Home Flex voted Best Overall EV Charger

To be sure, 2023 was another transformative year in the realm of electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable technology. For ChargePoint specifically, it was a year of accolades and industry recognition. Recommended by Protégez-Vous and voted best overall home charger by ZDNet, Car & Driver, Forbes, The Strategist, and New York Magazine, ChargePoint Home Flex has revolutionized the home charging experience, offering reliable, efficient and user-friendly charging to EV owners in North America.

These awards highlight the outstanding performance, innovative features and seamless integration of ChargePoint Home Flex. What makes our flagship residential charging solution such a standout choice for drivers in the transition to sustainable transportation? Let’s take a look.

  • Versatility. ChargePoint Home Flex adapts effortlessly to different power capacities, allowing users to optimize charging speed according to their home’s electrical setup. Whether it’s 16 amps or up to 50 amps, Home Flex offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating a wide range of EV models and charging needs. 
  • Seamless integration. With smart connectivity features and user-friendly interfaces, ChargePoint Home Flex simplifies the charging experience. Its intuitive mobile app provides real-time charging status, scheduling options and even remote access for added convenience and peace of mind. 
  • Future-ready technology. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and safety features, Home Flex provides a reliable and secure charging experience. From overcurrent protection to weatherproof construction, this charger prioritizes both performance and safety. 
  • Recognition and validation. The acknowledgment from respected authorities in technology, automotive and consumer products validates the excellence of ChargePoint Home Flex, specifically recognizing its innovation, reliability and user-centric design.
ChargePoint Home Flex trusted by EV drivers everywhere

As we celebrate these achievements, our gratitude extends to our customers, partners and the entire EV community, whose support and feedback have been instrumental in our journey. This recognition fuels our commitment to continuous innovation, sustainability and the delivery of top-notch charging solutions that empower a cleaner, greener future.

Looking ahead 

The accolades received by ChargePoint Home in 2023 will serve as a springboard for our future endeavors. We remain steadfast in our dedication to enhancing the EV charging landscape, exploring new frontiers and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

As we enter the new year, we are immensely proud of our achievements and the role ChargePoint Home Flex has played in shaping the future of sustainable transportation. Here’s to a promising year ahead, where we continue to drive innovation, inspire change and power a more sustainable world — one charge at a time.

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