Go Farther on the ChargePoint Network with New Express Charging Spots

Availability of Level 2 charging at home, work, and around town makes it easy to use an electric vehicle (EV) for daily activities. But sometimes, EV drivers need to go farther—for business travel, road trips or anything else life brings up. Longer-range EVs make highway travel practical, but faster charging is critical to minimize charging time on extended journeys.

DC fast is a quicker way to charge. Existing technology gets EV batteries for commuter vehicles with 80 miles of range to about 80 percent in around 30 minutes. ChargePoint Express Plus makes it convenient to charge long-range EVs (200-300 miles or more) even more quickly, in 15 minutes or less. This makes charging more convenient on long trips and accelerates the transformation of transportation to EVs.

Download our Quick Guide To Fast Charging to find out more about how DC fast works.

There are already more than 400 Express charging spots on the ChargePoint network, the world’s largest with over [stats:spots_total_round] total spots.

At ChargePoint, we offer DC fast charging at Express and Express Plus charging stations. There are already more than 400 Express charging spots on the ChargePoint network, the world’s largest with over [stats:spots_total_round] total spots, and we’re always adding new places to charge.

Use the ChargePoint mobile app to filter for DC fast spots on your next road trip, so you can charge up faster and drive happier. Check back here for updates on the latest places Express charging can take you, or request an Express station near you.

Looking to take a road trip?
You can count on ChargePoint Express and Express Plus stations to take you all the way from Portland to San Diego or Boston to Washington, D.C., or to popular destinations like Cape Cod, the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, Lake Tahoe, Napa and Sonoma. Check out some cool Express and Express Plus charging locations in our infographic and start planning your next electric road trip.

Express Charging Infographic

Express Charging Corridor Locations (Summer 2016)

More Express and Express Plus Charging Spots Are Coming
We’re always looking for new places to add Express and Express Plus stations. If you are interested in fast charging at your business, get in touch.

Having fast-charging stations at our Cranston, Rhode Island, South End, Boston, and Hyannis, Massachusetts, locations is one more way we can support our core value of environmental stewardship while providing our customers with a service that becomes more in demand every day.

Karen Franczyk
Green Mission Coordinator for the North Atlantic Region, Whole Foods Market

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