Valet FAQ

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What is Valet?

Valet is a new ChargePoint feature that provides a quick real-time view into the charging status of all vehicles and available ports at valet charging stations. This helps valet providers in any industry work more efficiently, charge more vehicles and serve more EV driving customers.

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Who will use Valet?

Valet is suitable for any valet parking service provider, but is especially useful for workplaces, apartments, condos and hotels that offer valet charging to employees, residents and guests who need to get a charge while parked for a long period of time.

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How do I use Valet?

From the ChargePoint dashboard:

  • Filter your overall view to a specific group of stations or site (if needed)
  • Click the Map Stations button in the Station Status card (on the new dashboard)
  • Select the EVs view to see all vehicles at the selected location
  • See available stations and cars that are done charging and ready to move
  • Filter the Valet view from the legend at the top left (to see only full charged cars or open spots, for example)

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How do I stay logged in to the EV map?

To keep the EV map up on the screen your valet drivers use, you may want to create a ChargePoint Analyst account to stay logged in to the map without providing access to station management features. To do so:

  • Log in to your primary Network Manager account
  • Go to Organizations > Admins and click New Admin
  • Fill out the form and select the Analyst role
    - Note: If enabling this role for yourself, log out before going on to the next step
  • Click (or have the new Analyst click) the link in the email invitation to set up the new Analyst login
  • Log into the new Analyst account and click the account name at the top of the page to go to the account info page
  • Click Edit and check the box next to Disable Auto-Logout on Dashboard

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Can I filter the map?

Absolutely. Filtering lets valets customize their view to see what they care about most at any time, whether that’s fully charged vehicles (ready to be swapped out) or available charging spots. To filter the map, click on the legend at the top left to show or hide each status:

  • Charging
  • Charging Complete
  • Available
  • Problem

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Where is Valet available?

Valet is available now globally.

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How do I enable Valet?

If Valet is not already enabled in your ChargePoint account, contact your ChargePoint representative.

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What if I have feedback on the feature?

We’d love to know how Valet is working for you. Tell us what you like and don’t like about Valet: contact support.