Waitlist FAQs

What is Waitlist?


If there are no charging spots available and you need a charge, drivers can use waitlist to get in line to be notified when a charging spot becomes available. If all the chargers are full, simply join the Waitlist for that station in the ChargePoint app. When a spot becomes available, you’ll get a notification that a spot has been reserved for you until you can move your car and plug in.

How do I use Waitlist if all charging spots are busy?


First, make sure to turn on notifications (in the app, go to the main menu and select Account, then choose Notifications) so we can send updates about your place in line. Here's how to get in line:

  • When all stations are in use, click Join Waitlist from the map view in the ChargePoint app (see below) or tap your phone or card at a station.
    • Tip: If Join Waitlist doesn’t show up in the app, stations are available or Waitlist is not turned on.
  • When a spot opens up, we’ll let you know with a text and app notification.
  • Accept the spot and we’ll hold it for you. Don’t accept unless you can move your car right away.
  • If you're busy, hit Snooze to let the next person have the spot (but keep your place in line).
  • If you don’t need a charge anymore, just Leave Waitlist.

The station owner decides how long a driver can stay at a station, so all drivers get an opportunity to charge. When it’s time to move your vehicle, we’ll send you a text and/or email depending on your preference. You can choose how you’d like to receive notifications in the app: just go to the main menu and select Account, then Notifications.

What does “Snooze” do?


When a station frees up, you might not be able to move your car right away. Just hit Snooze and choose to get a station later. We’ll let the next person in line jump in front of you and hold your place in line for the amount of time you choose. After your snooze time is up, we’ll offer you the next available spot. You can also hit Unsnooze at any time to get back in line right away.

The station owner controls how many times you can snooze. After your last chance to snooze (you’ll get a warning) you will be removed from Waitlist if you don’t accept your spot. If this happens, and you still need to charge, simply get back in line.

What happens if I don’t respond when it's my turn?


If you don’t respond before your “Snooze” time is up, you'll be automatically snoozed and the next person in line will be offered the spot. But remember, if this is your last snooze, you'll be removed from the Waitlist if you don’t take the spot when it’s offered.

How do I leave Waitlist?


If you no longer need a charge when it’s your turn, simply click “Leave Waitlist” to give up your spot. To leave the Waitlist anytime, open the app, click above the map where it shows how many stations you’re in line for, then choose “Leave Waitlist”.

What happens if someone is blocking my spot at the station?


No problem, just click “Report a problem” and choose "Car is blocking station" in the app after you Accept the spot. (This is another good reason to hit Accept before going to plug in.) We'll put you at the front of the line and offer you the next spot that frees up.

When can and can't I join a Waitlist?


You can join a station’s Waitlist at any time in the ChargePoint app. If “Join Waitlist” doesn’t appear when you click on a station, Waitlist may not be enabled on that station or there are spots open.

How do I save a Waitlist?


You can save certain stations to a Waitlist if you want to get in line for only those stations. Just choose Create New Waitlist and select the stations you want to join. Choose a Waitlist name, pick what time you want to join (and whether to include DC fast) and how long to stay in the Waitlist, then save the Waitlist. When you're in a saved Waitlist, you can check your place in line and get notifications when a spot opens up like normal.

Can I join auto-join Waitlist?


Waitlist does not support auto joining at this time.