Waitlist lets electric vehicle (EV) drivers use their mobile phone or ChargePoint card to get in line at charging stations when all of the ports are full. Drivers get a friendly message when their EV is charged, asking them to move it. Once they unplug, ChargePoint notifies the next driver in line and holds the station until that driver plugs in. Drivers can also take advantage of automatic scheduling to place them on a particular waitlist every day, which is especially useful for busy workplaces.

Benefits for Station Owners

  • Improve employee productivity by making it easier to get their cars charged
  • Maximize station utilization and keep drivers charged up and happy
  • Eliminate the need for homegrown systems to mediate access to stations
  • Identify drivers who don’t move their vehicles promptly
  • Understand demand and plan for capacity upgrades using automated reports

Want to learn more?

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