Picture Yourself in an EV

EV Curious

Why Go Electric?

Enjoy Better Driving

Quick acceleration and a quiet ride

Save Money

Lower fueling and maintenance costs

Charge Where You Go

Over hundreds of thousands of places to charge worldwide.

Help the Environment

Reduce emissions and improve air quality

Save Time

Charge while you’re doing other things and enjoy the HOV lane

Did You Know?


The average EV driver saves over $700 a year by driving electric.

Happy Cars

By 2040, roughly 1 in 3 new vehicle sales could be an EV.

Which EV Is Right for Me?

  • Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) run only on electric power from a battery.
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) have a backup gas engine and plug in to charge.
  • Hybrids (like Toyota Prius) have a gas engine that charges a small battery, so they don’t plug in.

Consider your price point

Plug-in hybrids start in the upper $20,000s new, and many all-electric vehicles are under $10,000 used.

Pick an EV that works for your driving habits

You can get from 25 to 250+ miles of electric range in a PHEV or BEV, respectively; a PHEV’s gas engine can help you take longer trips.

Look into incentives

There are many state and local rebates for driving electric.

How many seats do you need?

Consider an electric SUV or minivan if you have a big family.

How Do I Charge?

If you can use Level 2 (see below) charging at home or work, you’ll have more than enough time to fully recharge daily. Otherwise, look for a place to charge near you in the ChargePoint app.

Type Time to Fully Charge When to Use

Level 1

Standard Wall Outlet (AC)

Time to Fully Charge:

  • 20 hours for a 100-mile battery
  • 40 hours for a 200-mile battery

When to Use:

  • Get some charge while you sleep

Level 2

Charging Station (AC)

Time to Fully Charge:

  • 4 hours for a 100-mile battery
  • 8 hours for a 200-mile battery

When to Use:

  • At work
  • While you sleep
  • Topping up around town

DC Fast Charging

Time to Fully Charge:

Depends on the power level of the charger and car model, but could be 80% charged within 30 minutes

When to Use:

  • Short stops
  • Long road trips

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