Kilroy Delights Tenants and Advances Sustainability Leadership with ChargePoint Smart EV Charging

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EV charging spots as of January 2016

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Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions avoided as of January 2016

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Kilroy Middlefield Campus Property

Kilroy Realty is committed to creating healthy, sustainable spaces that inspire innovation and productivity among tenants and visitors. Sustainability efforts such as electric vehicle (EV) charging and LEED certification for property design, development and operation are essential to fulfilling that commitment. The company has already achieved LEED certification for about 50 percent of its portfolio, is pursuing certification for another 4.8 million square feet and installs EV charging stations at all of its new developments. Kilroy tracks LEED certification and EV charging in its annual sustainability report along with related efforts, including solar energy, energy efficiency enhancements and recycling.

The EV Trend

When tenants started charging their EVs at various wall outlets in Kilroy’s buildings, the company realized that EV charging would be of interest for tenants. While helping tenants reduce reliance on fossil fuels, Kilroy needed to make EV charging fit with its larger vision for sustainability as well. So the company set out in search of an EV charging solution that could:

  • Track and manage energy use
  • Accommodate demand response and time of use
  • Support flexible rates across properties
  • Streamline contract negotiations to a single provider
  • Uphold a professional aesthetic
  • Keep tenants safe

The ChargePoint Solution

After finding that ChargePoint smart EV charging stations met all of its requirements, Kilroy purchased its first stations from ChargePoint in 2011. EV charging caught on quickly, so Kilroy expanded just as fast, adding new stations every year across a dozen properties and making it a policy to install EV charging at all new locations. Using ChargePoint to offer smart EV charging at each of its sites allows Kilroy to track and manage energy costs, revenue, usage, and environmental impact across properties, while giving individual asset managers the flexibility to set policies for their EV charging stations as they see fit.

Tenant demand for EV charging is high, and adoption rates have been impressive. Kilroy details its progress with EV charging in annual sustainability reports, available online.

“EV charging stations embody the people-planet-profit framework for sustainable investing in the truest sense. They are a valuable amenity for our customers, contributing to increased tenant satisfaction and loyalty, and they support the transition away from fossil fuel. We have invested in ChargePoint stations because it makes sense for our business.”

Sara Neff

Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Kilroy Realty Company


EV charging has made a big difference to Kilroy’s tenants and sustainability team, increasing tenant satisfaction and loyalty while validating Kilroy’s commitment to sustainability. The ChargePoint network lets Kilroy manage its overall EV charging program at the brand level while allowing individual properties to set their own charging fees and access policies. Some of the key results from EV charging include:

  • Increased satisfaction among tenants and visitors
  • Attracted new tenants looking for green buildings
  • Improved loyalty and renewal rates among tenants
  • Strengthened credibility among environmental organizations
  • Simplified program growth with great customer service
  • ChargePoint software supports individual station policies
  • Easy reporting on energy costs, usage, revenue and emission reductions

The EV charging program and other efforts from the sustainability team have helped Kilroy lead the way in sustainable real estate, winning numerous high-profile awards:

  • SEGD 2016 Global Design Award
  • Energy Star Partner of the Year 2014–2016, Sustained Excellence for 2016
  • GRESB Regional Sector Leader and #1 Ranking in North America for 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • NAREIT Leader in the Light Award, Office Sector for 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • GRESB Green Star 2013–2016
  • Institute for Market Transformation, Green Lease Leader for 2014 (inaugural class)

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