The Best Things in Life Are Free: Incentives and EV Charging

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Let’s talk money. Throughout history it’s been described in a lot of different, and mostly contradictory, ways. The Apostle Paul famously described the love of money as “the root of all evil,” while Mark Twain said the lack of it was. One thing is for sure though: it’s vital to the success of any business. Perhaps Motown great Barrett Strong summed it up best when he sang, “I need money...that’s what I want.” If you’ve been thinking about investing in EV charging for your company, fleet, new development or multifamily community, you’re in luck. There’s money available for your project and, better yet, it’s free.

The Recovery Will Be Green

To combat the looming climate crisis, government and business leaders around the globe are banking on a green recovery. As the United Nations (UN) put it, we must “build back better.” Because of pollution’s impact on both human health and the health of the planet, one of the priorities of upcoming efforts will be the electrification of transportation. The UK Government calls the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) the “least cost pathway” to achieving that nation’s goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. In the US, House Democrats recently proposed a similar plan that includes 100% EV sales by 2035. The writing is on the wall. Electricity is the vehicle fuel of tomorrow. 

The writing is on the wall. Sooner or later, everyone will be part of the coming e-mobility revolution.

Incentives Power Change

To support the millions upon millions of new EV drivers who will be hitting the road in the coming years, governments and utilities are offering businesses billions in incentives to build the electric fueling network of tomorrow. Today, tax credits, rebates and grants are powering change on a global scale. From multifamily and residential charging to fuel the new stay-at-home workforce to workplace charging for the essential employees who will make sure the new green economy hums along into the future; from the fleets that proved practically overnight they can deliver even in the most challenging of circumstances to the developers who will build the smart cities of the future, there’s an incentive program out there for nearly every use case.

ChargePoint Will Make Sure You Get Your Share

Since 2007, ChargePoint’s obsession has been to offer EV drivers the most seamless and integrated charging experience anywhere in the world. That means we not only have to provide a complete portfolio of the highest-quality, smart, scalable networked solutions around, we have to make sure anybody can participate in the coming e-mobility revolution. Since day one, we’ve been helping our customers track down money to help offset the costs associated with their EV charging infrastructure projects. While we can’t promise your project will pencil out to net zero (except for vehicle emissions that is), we’ve gotten pretty good at helping our customers receive every incentive that's available to them.

Not only do incentives help us help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, they’re a win-win for the world economy and the planet. Come to think of it, the aforementioned hit Money begins with the immortal line, “The best things in life are free.” Today, that includes money for EV charging. ChargePoint is here to make sure you get your share.

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