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Take the Complexity out of Moving to an Electric Fleet with a Tailored Solution

EV fleets are always fueled, operational and ready to go when needed.

Optimized solution based on data from across your individual charging ecosystem.

A future-proof cloud solution ensures you’re never left with stranded assets.

Security features prevent unauthorized access across all hardware, software and other services.

"We have been working with ChargePoint for the past 24 months, and during that time we have dispensed about 200 megawatt hours of electricity to 1,100 EV drivers. We have been satisfied with up time performance of stations, customer service and ability to review and understand the data. The database that ChargePoint provides is very valuable for utilization and to know how to better serve our customers."

Byron Washom

Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives, UC San Diego

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Electric Fleets Lead the Charge to e-Mobility

Fleets are at the forefront of a new revolution in mobility. In this eBook, you’ll discover what’s on the horizon for electric fleets and why EV advantages such as reliability, availability, predictability and a lower cost per mile (CPM) are turning many fleet managers into EV advocates. 

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Position Yourself for Success with an EV Fleet

Moving to an electric vehicle (EV) fleet can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. To be successful, the project needs to head in the right direction from the beginning. In this paper, we cover five critical things you should consider before you start your project.

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Choose the Right Level of Electric Vehicle Charging for Your Fleet

Moving to a fleet of electric vehicles is not only environmentally friendly, it can drive significant savings. But that’s only true if vehicles are ready to go when they are needed. In this paper we uncover why you can’t rely on Level 1 chargers to solve your fleet fueling needs.

Explore EV Charging Speeds

Discover When to Use Level 2 vs DC Fast

Having the right tools makes the job easier.  Having a mix of EV charging solutions can make the job of fueling an electric fleet much easier. In this paper, we discuss why Level 2 charging is still critical  and when DC fast charging makes sense for your fleet.

Find When to Use DC

With Power Management we are looking to the future when we own hundreds of electric vehicles. What ChargePoint allows us to do is really maximize our savings with EVs and minimize energy usage across dozens of EVs and hopefully hundreds of EVs."

Phillip Kobernick

Logistics Services Manager

Alameda County

Getting Started with an EV Fleet? Here Are Some Resources to Give You a Head Start.

Electrifying your municipal fleet? Discover best practices in our webinar with EV fleet managers.

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Fleet managers discuss their needs for customization, real-time data, scalability and a future-proof solution.

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Learn how you can fuel your electric vehicle (EV) fleet without having to make costly upgrades to your electrical infrastructure. 

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No two fleets are the same, but these managers all agree that ChargePoint has been the smart choice for their fleet. See how you can benefit too.

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Sourcewell Makes Getting EV Charging Easy

For government, education and non-profit agencies, purchasing capital equipment means having to go through a tedious bidding process to choose between multiple vendors. Sourcewell removes this complexity by providing cooperative contracting purchasing solutions.

Discover how Sourcewell can simplify your experience and even get you up to 30% off on EV charging >

Our Dedicated Team Will Work in Partnership with You to Design the Right Charging System for Your Fleet

The ChargePoint CPF50 is the ideal station for getting fleets charged when they are idle. 

Explore the CPF50 >

Dedicated to enabling the future of EV fleets, we provide the most open, secure and robust network globally.

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The journey does not stop at installation. Our experts will ensure your solution is fully optimized, by minimizing energy costs and maximizing the full benefit of an EV fleet.

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ChargePoint makes it easy to get started with different subscription pricing options. See if ChargePoint as a service makes sense for your fleet.  

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