ChargePoint Extends Open Network with New Partnerships

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ChargePoint Extends Open Network with New Partnerships

At ChargePoint, we're driving a revolution in mobility on a global scale with a new fueling network that is convenient, accessible and open for all. As the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, we're committed to providing convenient access to charging for drivers around the world, to help more people choose to drive electric.

We're pleased to announce landmark roaming partnerships with fellow EV charging providers EVBox and FLO that enable EV drivers to roam between networks, making charging more convenient and accessible than ever. ChargePoint's agreement with FLO allows drivers on both networks to access ChargePoint and FLO charging spots while traveling in the US and Canada, without the need to register for multiple accounts or incur additional fees.

Our roaming partnership with EVBox operates the same way in Europe. Much like roaming between mobile networks, the arrangement enables drivers to effortlessly access public charging spots on both the ChargePoint and EVBox networks, creating a seamless driving experience for those traveling between continents and countries. These partnerships are among the first-ever global agreements to enable roaming between charging networks and underscore ChargePoint's commitment to growing our open network.

As a company, we're dedicated to supporting the mass adoption of electrified transportation around the world, and last year, we began expanding our global footprint in Europe. We've grown our global team and charging network, and it has been my privilege to lead our outstanding European team as we grow our presence in an important market that is aggressively pursuing the transition to e-mobility thanks to political, auto, energy, business and consumer participants.

This is evident from a series of policy initiatives that have taken root across the continent. Many European countries have committed to banning the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles within the next several decades and offering incentives for driving electric. ChargePoint is dedicated to building on this momentum by creating the charging solutions that will power these vehicles and enable the transition to a cleaner way of getting around in Europe, North America and beyond.

The roaming agreements with EVBox and FLO represent the latest milestones in our mission to make EV charging solutions more widely accessible. In addition to delivering greater convenience for drivers, this agreement will also benefit businesses and organizations that have already invested in building out the EV charging ecosystem by enabling them to reach more drivers and provide a positive charging experience with no additional effort or expense.

These partnerships come on the heels of the Global Climate Action Summit, where both ChargePoint and EVBox made substantial commitments to grow our networks over the next seven years. ChargePoint pledged to deliver 2.5 million places to charge on our network by 2025 (a fifty-fold increase from our network today) and EVBox committed to at least one million. Through our roaming agreement, we will collectively provide at least 3.5 million places to charge around the world within the next decade-and drivers who sign up for either network will be able to use them all.

At ChargePoint, we believe the future of fueling must be open and accessible for all, regardless of continent, country, region or state. By joining forces with others in our category, we aim to accelerate the mass adoption of e-mobility while substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that peer-to-peer roaming agreements provide many advantages; including greater functionality and an overall better charging experience for drivers on our network, as well as EV drivers across the globe.

Our goal is to empower EV drivers to enjoy a seamless charging experience everywhere they go, where they live, work, play, travel and beyond, and to enable all types of organizations to be part of the shift to electric mobility. These partnerships mark a tipping point in the revolution in transportation. We are confident that by working with players across the EV space, we will bring the electric transportation revolution to fruition. For more information about ChargePoint's Open Network philosophy, please visit: ChargePoint Network Page.

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