The Dogs of ChargePoint

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Working at ChargePoint is full of crazy adventures, but it’s extra fun when we can meet each other’s furry friends. Dogs light up our lives, remind us what’s really important and love to take rides in EVs. Shake paws with some of Team ChargePoint’s canine companions and their favorite EVs. 

The Dogs of ChargePoint - Group 1

Bayla is a country girl living in Silicon Valley. She likes long walks on the beach (must include ball), and she wants a Tesla Model X, with more room for napping during road trips (and space for doggie friends to bring along!).

Biscuit works remotely, uses puppy eyes shamelessly and has the softest ears. When out and about, Biscuit can be spotted in a Chevy Bolt EV.

Blue is a French Bulldog, and his favorite toy is his squeaky plush avocado. He loves meeting new people, plays Santa in December and enjoys car rides, usually in a Tesla.

Named for a real heartthrob, Bogart’s dapper style, sweet eyes and gentle nature tug at everybody's heartstrings. Work or play, he’s always dressed for the occasion.

The Dogs of ChargePoint - Group 2

Clover is always excited to meet new people and play with other dogs, and if food is involved, she's ready to help with just about anything. She’d like to drive a Tesla Model X, because of all the space to move around inside.

Coda is a Coton de Tulear. Her breed might be fancy... but she's rough and tumble! Her favorite pastimes are tackling Max, our Maine Coon cat, vigorously shaking her gigantic snake squeaky toy and blissfully eating her sweet potato treats. If she had her way, she'd drive an iPace to impress her mom.

Demi (aka Dema Dog) is a Belgian Malinois mixed with Rhodesian Ridgeback. Her favorite toy is a ball, and she likes to play with her brothers (goats and a rabbit). If she drove an EV, it would be a Bollinger truck.

“The name’s Graham, Dexter Graham...” Boston Terrier Mix but 100% handsome. Dexter 007 would drive a 2019 BMW i8. Of course.

The Dogs of ChargePoint - Group 3

Dora is surrounded by love. She was adopted from a ChargePointer, by a ChargePointer! Miles and miles of hugs...

Eddie is the ChargePoint Express fast charging mascot, and he loves to go on road trips. You can catch him sneaking a lick of your ice cream from the backseat, chasing squirrels and exploring national parks. Fun fact: he's named after one of our favorite pioneers, Thomas Edison.

Gus works remotely, is skeptical of people and really only tolerates babies. If he had his pick, Gus would drive the original Tesla Roadster because he’s agile and speedy. Also, he’d put a car seat in the front seat, so he could drive the baby around. His dad drives a Nissan LEAF that’s rarely washed.

The Dogs of ChargePoint - Group 4

Kiba likes posing in freshly planted gardens. Kiba also enjoys a white BMW i3, and for every mile driven, a succulent is planted.

Kona loves sunny days but is still trying to figure out sunglasses. At home, Kona romps around with another ChargePointer, Marble.

Marble holds down the IT fort at ChargePoint and shadows her owner everywhere. Even during a solar eclipse.

Milo is an old man who's good at naps and cuddles. When he's not napping, he's chowing down on favorite treats, like bananas, carrots and cucumbers. He would drive a Rimac because he's got a need for speed to burn off all that energy. 

The Dogs of ChargePoint - Group 5

Lando and Sammie are possibly the biggest pair of dogs at ChargePoint. Lando is the chill one, and Sammie is the spaz. They both ride in style in a Tesla Model 3.

Sky leads a double life. She's a unicorn in disguise.

The Dogs of ChargePoint - Group 6

Skye (with an e!) is an Alaskan Klee Kai. (Try repeating that five times really fast.) While you're tackling tongue-twisters, Skye is waiting for her own personal Jaguar I-Pace to show up.

When she’s not working remotely or playing with her Mini Me, Tansy dreams about terrorizing neighborhood dogs and children in a metallic silver Tesla Roadster.

The Dogs of ChargePoint - Group 7

Wilma has been a ChargePointer since she was 8 weeks old, and she goes on amazing all-electric road trips building out fast charging highways across the country. Her favorite place to be is right next to her person in a Chevrolet Bolt EV. She’s also a super athlete, running about 10 miles per week and serving as an all-star outfielder on her backyard baseball team. She loves people, doesn’t understand other dogs and hunts squirrels. 

Yoshi loves playing soccer and getting belly rubs. His favorite toy is his Bear Bear, and he really loves taking his BMW i3 on adventures.  

And finally, in memoriam: Duke, Chief Crankiness Officer emeritus. Much beloved by his humans, but didn't much love being bothered by other dogs.

Some days at ChargePoint are furrier than others, but we love bringing our dogs along for the ride!

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