This Earth Day: A Global Perspective on Charging Achievements

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We've had quite a year since we celebrated the 50th Earth Day in April 2020. The world has changed dramatically, from the way we work, live, eat, shop, travel (or rather stay put), to our driving — and charging — behavior. Yet this dramatic shift has pushed us to realize the impact we have on the earth. The impressive before and after photos of high-pollution areas, caused by the massive drop in fossil fuel utilization during lockdowns, literally take your breath away. Pictured above is the India Gate war memorial in New Delhi on October 17, 2019 (at left) and April 8, 2020 (right), after 21 days of lockdown.

Electric mobility has been a hot topic as part of the solution to the global pollution problem. It seems like every week another auto manufacturer pledges to go all-electric as governments pass stricter climate change legislation and emission targets. The Biden administration has released an ambitious plan to electrify the federal fleet, incentivize EV market growth and expand the nation's EV charging network.

Many European countries plan to ban the sale of new vehicles with combustion engines: Norway's ban starts in 2025, followed by Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the UK in 2030. The UK’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) changed its name to the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), signaling an even deeper commitment to climate action. Last but not least, incentive and grant programs for the e-mobility sector are soaring around the world to enable the speedy shift to an electric future.

It’s also been a momentous year for ChargePoint. Like many other companies, we transitioned to working largely from home. Because charging is essential for so many businesses and drivers, we had to make it work — so we did. The pandemic pressure tested our business model, but our strategy of focusing on all aspects of charging in North America and Europe paid off. Not only was ChargePoint able to weather the pandemic, but we also continued to innovate and meet our business goals, while still providing seamless continuity for our customers and drivers. We even became a public company, marking a historic milestone for e-mobility and an emotional one for our global team members who made it possible.

Here are a few of the all-time accomplishments we've achieved together.

Earth Day 2021 infographic

Cumulative data from the ChargePoint network through March 2021

Together, we have nearly traveled the distance across our entire solar system on electricity. Our collective emission savings from electric mobility equal planting more than 10 million trees and carbon taken in by forests bigger than Yosemite National Park (or twice the size of London)!

We appreciate the commitment to electric mobility that our customers and drivers make every day. Together, we can continue to spread this positive change across the globe — and maybe even the galaxy. Happy Earth Day!

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