EV News You Can Use, 5/11

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EVs in the News

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  • Americans open up to electric cars, with 20% saying they’d pick one for their next vehicle, as covered in CNN.

  • Greenbiz offers a comprehensive overview of electric fleet options, from delivery vans to long-haul trucks.

  • California will require solar panels on new homes, as covered by the New York Times.

  • Tesla plans to eliminate controversial cobalt from batteries, in Charged EVs.

  • Electrek shows the upcoming Audi e-tron quattro SUV in towing mode.

  • Charged EVs celebrates NYC’s commitment to take its bus fleet all electric by 2040.

  • Cleantechnica explores how slime (yes, slime!) could advance self-driving EVs.

ChargePoint Highlights

We revealed a new concept design for high-powered charging of electric semi-trucks and aircraft. Watch our CEO, Pasquale Romano, unveil it at the Uber Elevate Summit.

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