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ChargePoint Stations in Teslarati
ChargePoint and Tesla destination chargers in Washington, DC
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At ChargePoint, we’re committed to making it easy to choose electric mobility, no matter who you are, where you go or what you drive (or ride). To uphold that commitment, we work closely with many types of organizations to make charging an EV as easy as possible.

As the community of Tesla drivers grows with the introduction of the Model 3, we're bringing drivers like you another way to charge. You can already find ChargePoint and Tesla destination chargers and Superchargers in the ChargePoint app. Now, you can see ChargePoint stations alongside Tesla stations in the Teslarati app as well, giving you more choices and making EV ownership even more convenient.

Founded in 2013, Teslarati delivers relevant news and tips to Tesla owners and enthusiasts worldwide. The Teslarati apps for iOS and Android launched in 2016, letting Tesla owners connect with one another and discover local businesses and activities near charging spots and other destinations. The Teslarati app has become a valuable resource for a global user base of Tesla owners and enthusiasts like you.

"We’re really excited to be working together with ChargePoint by integrating their world-class network of chargers to our app. By being able to extend additional charging options to Tesla drivers through ChargePoint, we’re not only encouraging travels that may extend beyond the reach of Tesla Superchargers, but also alleviating some of the anxiety Tesla drivers may face as Supercharger congestion becomes more prevalent in busier locations."

– Gene Liu, Teslarati Founder

You can now find stations in the Teslarati app and click through to the ChargePoint app for details like pricing, popular times, driver tips and real time availability, as well as to start charging.

As always, you can find Tesla stations, including Superchargers and destination chargers, in the ChargePoint app. The Teslarati integration just gives you one more way to find a charge.

Check out Teslarati’s charging map and see more detail about why Teslarati chose ChargePoint.

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