‘Tis the season: 6 reasons we’re grateful for EVs and EV charging

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The light outside is shifting from the bright exuberance of summer toward the cozy darkness of winter. The drumbeat of the holiday season approaches as we curl our hands around warm mugs and take stock of the world around us. 

Maybe it’s just us, but the holiday season has us reflecting on gratitude. And we’re most grateful for the EV revolution. While climate change is one of the greatest challenges ever faced by humanity, rapid global electrification of everything from truck fleets to personal cars and bikes gives us hope. Hope that is practical, actionable and affordable. Hope that rolls up its sleeves, puts on boots and a hard hat, and gets to work.

We’re grateful for hope. We’re grateful that the single act of switching from a gas-guzzling vehicle to an efficient EV reduces CO2 emissions from driving by 50% to 70%.

But we’re also grateful for so much more.  

Here are six reasons we’re grateful this holiday season for EVs and EV charging:

1. We’re grateful to say goodbye to range anxiety 

We’ve kissed range anxiety goodbye for good. Huge advances in EV technology and innovation mean an EV’s range is almost no different today from an internal combustion engine (ICE) car's, and drivers can travel hundreds of miles on a full charge. We’re grateful we can drive long distances confidently, knowing we can charge anywhere with the leading EV charging network in the world. Who’s ready for their EV Thanksgiving road trip to grandma’s? 

Snow covered highway bird view

2. We’re grateful for weather-resilient EV charging

We’re grateful for hardy, flexible chargers ready for any kind of weather year-round. As we get ready to say hello to winter, we breathe a sigh of gratitude knowing that ChargePoint public and home chargers will keep us charged up and ready to go regardless of snow, hail, sleet, freezing rain or heat. We’re grateful for the peace of mind knowing that ChargePoint has tested every one of its chargers in an advanced testing facility for every weather scenario imaginable.

ChargePoint Express Plus in snow

3. We’re grateful for EV chargers that work with any EV on the road

We’re grateful for EV chargers that can power up any EV we drive today and tomorrow. We’re grateful for multitasking EV chargers like ChargePoint Home Flex that support different EV connector types like NACS (Tesla) and J1772. We’re also grateful for the choice to ditch the adapter and streamline home charging with the ChargePoint NACS cable conversion kit. At the end of the day, your home charger should work with your Tesla AND your mom’s Chevy Bolt. And whatever future EV you drive 10 years from now.

ChargePoint Home connector with NACS and CCS1

4. We’re grateful for HOV-lane access and toll reductions for EVs 

We’re grateful doing the right thing for the planet also saves us precious time with EV HOV lane access. That’s right. Currently 13 states in the United States give EV drivers HOV lane access so they can skip the traffic. Not to mention that a number of states also give EV drivers toll reductions. What’s not to love? You can sleep in now that you drive an EV. 

5. We’re grateful for EV savings 

We’re grateful that driving better with an EV also saves us thousands of dollars. Chef’s kiss to all the ways we can save money with an EV: 

We’re grateful the sustainable choice is also the right choice for our bank accounts.

6. We’re grateful for smart chargers and charging apps

Smart chargers and charging apps are really the cherry on top of our gratitude sundae for the EV lifestyle. We’re grateful smart chargers like ChargePoint Home Flex empower us to schedule our charging for maximum convenience and utility savings. Nothing beats the ease of tracking all our public and home charging in a single app like the ChargePoint driver app. We’re grateful for the ease of smart charging across our lives. 

Family charging using ChargePoint Home and taking out groceries from car

There’s so much to be grateful for when it comes to the EV revolution and the EV lifestyle: Charging, driving and living better while helping usher in a better way for the planet and humanity. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. We’re grateful to be a part of this growing global community and helping lead the charge since the beginning

What’s your favorite part of living electric? What EV miracle are you grateful for this holiday season?

Take your EV gratitude on the road today

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