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ChargePoint Express Plus

The most complete DC fast charging platform for every stage of fleet electrification

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Discover how our modular, scalable high-power DC fast platform works for your fleet

From site design and implementation to energy optimization and mission-critical support, ChargePoint® Express Plus simplifies the deployment of electric fleets and future-proofs fueling operations to help you seamlessly scale from an EV fleet pilot to a future all-electric fleet with one charging platform.

Comprehensive software for fleet optimization

Configurable cloud-based software that ensures success in every stage of your transition to electric.

Reduce fueling costs
Maximize savings with real-time visibility and control over vehicle readiness plus efficiency monitoring. Optimize charging dynamically based on schedules, route requirements and more.

Operate with confidence
Gain end-to-end operational visibility into your EV fleet and infrastructure. Simplify complexity and manage with ease using an all-in-one solution.

Open integration
Leverage integrated software and hardware that works with your existing fleet management solutions to deliver a complete view about charger, vehicle, and battery health and status.

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Express Plus Modular System

Modular system built to scale

Our modular system is built to scale with your needs and ready for the future of charging. The Express Plus system includes Power Blocks that house up to five Power Modules and deliver power to up to eight Power Link dispensers. Combine Power Blocks to deliver more power.

  • A variety of power and station options to serve any fleet.
  • The system is designed to scale by power delivered, vehicles served or both.
  • This open, flexible and integrated solution works with the vehicles of today and tomorrow.
  • You’ll enjoy future-ready fast charging with over-the-air updates.

Built for serviceability

All components are architected for optimal efficiency, scalability and serviceability, including field-replaceable 40-kW Power Modules.

  • Modular architecture and field-replaceable components simplify servicing and upgrades.
  • Components can be serviced by a certified technician in under 30 minutes.
  • Multiple Power Modules provide built in redundancy.

ChargePoint Express Plus Power Link configurations

Works in your location, for your vehicles

Power Links dispense power to vehicles efficiently and reliably. Flexible configurations and standard connectors work in any depot scenario and for any vehicle type.

  • Single- and dual-port as well as overhead configurations can work in any depot or other charging location.
  • Reduce infrastructure changes and lower maintenance costs with flexible solution.
  • Durable cables and cable management make charging easier for drivers, keep your parking lot safe and neat and ensure functionality.
  • Industry-leading in-house facility performs lifecycle testing under all environmental conditions.

What fleets can benefit from ChargePoint Express Plus?

ChargePoint Express Plus is ideal for scheduled fleets with medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and high mileage/route schedules.

Delivery icon Delivery & logistics
Passenger Transportation icon Transit agencies
Waste Management icon Waste management

ChargePoint Express Plus offers charging connectors for all types of vehicles.

DC North America
NACS Connector NACS (Compatible
with Tesla)
DC North America
DC Europe
CHAdeMo Connector CHAdeMO
DC North America & Europe

ChargePoint Assure Pro

Safeguard essential fueling

ChargePoint Assure® Pro is a comprehensive support, monitoring and maintenance service designed to meet the needs of essential fueling operations. It delivers the peace of mind, control and predictability you need to safeguard essential fueling, operate with confidence and manage complexity from start to scale.

  • 24/7/365 resolution times of 24 hours or less
  • Remote diagnostics and proactive monitoring
  • Flexible spares management program

Industry-leading reliability

Prepare for the future of electric mobility with the experts.


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