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What is NEVI?

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), allocates $7.5 billion for EV charging projects: $5 billion for nationwide funding and $2.5 billion anticipated for corridor and community charging grants. NEVI is designed to promote equitable access to electric vehicles, reduce emissions from transportation and progress toward a federal goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

How do I know if I meet NEVI funding requirements?

NEVI requirements were designed to provide convenient, reliable, affordable and equitable charging for EV drivers who need fast charging locally or while on a trip. To be eligible for NEVI funding of up to 80% of project costs, locations must:

  • Be within 1 mile of established alternative fuel corridors (AFCs)
  • Accommodate the power requirements for DC solutions
  • Charge four vehicles at 150 kW at the same time
  • Cover remaining total project costs
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NEVI Program FAQ

Get answers to common questions about NEVI funding

What can NEVI funding be used for?

NEVI funding can cover a portion of installation costs, including the “make-ready” work needed to prepare a site for EV charging, such as utility upgrades, running wiring to charging station locations and associated construction work. NEVI funding will also cover a portion of the cost of EV charging hardware and software.

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What are the additional state requirements?

Each state can establish its own NEVI requirements in addition to the federal minimum standards. You can look for your state’s standards here.

When is NEVI funding available?

NEVI program funding availability varies by state. ChargePoint is working with customers nationally to evaluate funding mechanisms, identify potentially applicable sites and build strategies now to make the most of funding opportunities.

What other incentives are available?

In addition to federal NEVI program funds, individual states may offer their own incentives. The federal government is also finalizing the details of what’s known as the 30C tax credit for EV charging, which can provide up to 30% tax credit for the costs of installing EV charging. Find available incentives in your area.

Why EV charging?

EV adoption is growing, with nearly 20 million passenger EVs already on the road and gas car sales in decline (BloombergNEF). NEVI program funding provides an unprecedented opportunity to get funding to build your business with EV charging.

  • Attract new customers to your business

  • Strengthen existing customer relationships

  • Create a new source of revenue

  • Support sustainability goals

  • Showcase your business as a green brand

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Why ChargePoint is the right partner for your NEVI program application

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We deliver the most experience

  • 15 years of EV charging experience
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Our solutions put you in control

  • Decide who can use your stations and how much it costs to charge.
  • Easily integrate with your loyalty programs and create special offers for customers.
  • Get complete data on who is charging at your location and what you’re spending on energy.
  • Set your own prices and decide how you want to generate revenue from EV charging.

Our expert team is here for you

  • Get the best return on your investment with financing options that work for your business.
  • Support your drivers 24/7 with our expert phone support team so you can stay focused on your business.
  • Dedicated team of grant application professionals will manage your funding application from start to finish.
  • Dedicated NEVI team is with you every step of the way, from site design to ongoing support.

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What locations are well suited for NEVI?

Fueling and convenience Icon Fueling and convenience
Highway Corridor Charging Highway corridor
Retail EV Charging Quick-stop retail

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