How to Schedule Charging with ChargePoint Home

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers who use ChargePoint Home can save even more money by scheduling charging when electricity rates are low. Just connect to your local utility in the ChargePoint app and schedule charging when electricity costs less.


Activate your ChargePoint Home if you haven’t already.


In the ChargePoint app, open the main menu and select “Home Charger.”


Tap “Schedule” and turn on the “Schedule” option.


Tell us your local utility and plan, and we’ll recommend the best time for you to charge based on energy rates. If the rates we have for your utility are incorrect, adjust your rates.


If you want to charge at a different time than what we’ve recommended, just adjust the start and end times to fit your needs.

If you’ve set a schedule but need to charge right away, just plug in, unplug and plug back in within a few seconds to start charging immediately.
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