EV Charging Innovation | 2/6/2017

Activate ChargePoint Home to Save Money and Gain Peace of Mind

Vik Mehta

Product Manager

ChargePoint Home

So you’re interested in ChargePoint Home because you want to charge your EV faster at home, but you’re not yet familiar with some of this Level 2 home charger’s smart features. You’re in luck: this post covers the many reasons to “activate” ChargePoint Home’s smart features by connecting it to WiFi and walks you through the steps. Once you’re done, you’ll be charging a whole new way—and spending less to do it.

Tip: The same process still works with the all-new, flexible amperage ChargePoint Home Flex.

Reasons to Activate Home

If your ChargePoint Home isn’t connected to WiFi, you’re not getting all the benefits it offers. Sure, Home is still small, sleek and slim, looks good in your garage (or wherever you install it) and adds about 25 miles of range per hour to your EV (compared with about 4 from a regular outlet). But Home really shines when you enable its many smart features, like reminders, scheduled charging, connecting with Alexa and tracking all of your energy use in one place.

Sound appealing? Let’s find out more about the top reasons to activate ChargePoint Home:

Make Charging a Breeze with Reminders and Remote Start

It’s every EV owner’s worst nightmare: getting to the garage in the morning only to find out you forgot to plug in last night. D’oh! But once you activate ChargePoint Home, you never have to remember to charge again. Home will remind you to plug in your car and let you start charging remotely. So if you’re plugged in, you can easily start a charge from the comfort of your couch, without interrupting your Netflix show.

Fuel Up for Less at Home

People sometimes worry that EV charging will be expensive. While electricity is generally much cheaper than gas, charging costs can add up if you charge at peak times that have higher rates under your local utility plan. ChargePoint Home overcomes that issue and helps you save even more by letting you schedule your EV charging at the right time of day (or, most likely, night).

Because Home is connected, you don’t even have to tell it when to charge. Home figures out the best time and asks you to confirm. You could save $250-300 a year by scheduling charging with Home, depending on your rate plan. Once your charging is scheduled, just plug in when you get home, and Home will start charging when rates are cheapest. You can rely on Home to fully charge your EV overnight, and track all of your charging activity and savings in the app.

Get a Glimpse of History

Speaking of savings, one of the biggest benefits of ChargePoint Home is the ability to see all of your charging activity in one place, including both public and home charging. See how much energy you’re adding, how much money you’re saving and how far you’re traveling, all in the app. Because ChargePoint is the world’s largest EV charging network, you probably charge at some of our stations in public, so being able to see all your charging activity in one place is key.

We also send you a monthly email summary of home and public charging that includes a section on your environmental impact, showing greenhouse gas emissions prevented and trees planted. The summary is an easy way to see how you’re making a difference by driving electric.

How to Activate ChargePoint Home

Have we convinced you yet that connecting to WiFi is key to getting the most out of ChargePoint Home? Great. The best news of all is that it’s super simple to activate Home. You can use the ChargePoint mobile app to activate ChargePoint Home in a few easy steps:

How to activate ChargePoint Home

  • Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone. (Stand close to Home to make sure you can connect.)
  • Open the ChargePoint app. On the main menu, click “Home Charger.”
  • Select “Set Up Home Charger” from the Home Charger screen.
  • Select “Activate” and follow the instructions in the app.

That’s it! Once you activate Home, you can schedule charging, start sessions remotely, set reminders so you never forget to charge and track all your charging in one place as outlined above. You’ll also be able to update your station remotely with any software upgrades, so you always have the latest features. And all of those features come in a single sleek and slim package.

Ready to activate Home? Get the app.  Interested in buying Home? Learn more.

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