Budget Approval Brings Good News for EV Drivers

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EV Charging at Home

Good news for EV drivers: the U.S. government keeps running, with many reinstated credits for EVs and clean energy. Despite a brief threat to the federal EV tax credit back in November, that credit was upheld. In the latest budget, a tax credit for home and commercial EV charging stations that expired in 2016 has been reinstated retroactively for 2017. Basically, if you installed a home charger in 2017, you can now claim 30 percent of that cost (up to $1,000) on your taxes. This does not apply to charging stations installed after January 1, 2018. Other key EV credits were restored as well, including a rebate of up to $2,500 for buying an electric motorcycle or three-wheeled vehicle.

Get more details on what the latest budget means for EVs and clean energy at Green Car Reports.

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